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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November is...

November is the eleventh month of the year.
November is the time for national elections.
November is chilly mornings, warmer afternoons, chilly evenings.
November is Thanksgiving.
November is Adoption Awareness Month.

The month of November has been designated as Adoption Awareness Month. It is a time to raise awareness of adoption. There are countless thousands of children around the world who need families who will love them, nurture them, and give them the love that only a family can give.

Our little family was created through adoption. Many years ago, I knew that I would someday adopt a child. When, where, how? Those were questions that were could not be answered at that time. Finally, during the summer of 2002, I experienced this sense of urgency that I simply could not ignore. It was so strong and compelling...that this was the time to begin gathering information and following through on the desire to adopt a child. I could not explain where that feeling came from, but I knew I had to act.

I spent time researching adoption agencies, attending seminars, and gathering information. People often ask why I chose to adopt from Guatemala. I don't think I chose that country as much as I was led to that country, and my precious daughter. God orchestrated it all. There is no other explanation.

The process was long and arduous. Mountains of paperwork. Fingerprints. The home study. The wait for a referral. And then the wait from referral to "gotcha' day." Emotions ran high. The waiting was excruciating. But it was all so worth it! International adoption is not for wimps, that's for sure!

Adoption made me a momma. Adoption gave Gloria a family who adores her. Adoption changed the makeup of our family forever. Adoption linked me forever to a woman, Gloria's birthmother, somewhere in the country of Guatemala in a way that only adoption can link two people. My heart aches for her in a way I cannot explain. Her heartbreaking decision to make an adoption plan for her baby resulted in the joy of my life. I am forever grateful, but that doesn't seem like enough.

During November, we take time to remember and give thanks for many things in our lives. I give great thanks for being able to adopt a beautiful, brilliant, imaginative, creative, loving, sensitive little girl who has opened up my life and my eyes to the world around me.

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