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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Reality...

Well, tomorrow morning the alarm clock will sound at 6 a.m. and we will come crashing back to reality. The two week break has been so much fun and we packed a lot into it.

The trip to Memphis included:
  • Magee and Hada
  • Uncle Will and Aunt Martha
  • Uncle Carter and Aunt Jamie
  • Reiny and Ashlyn
  • Madagascar 2
  • Chick-fil-a lunch
  • Cat wars
  • Baking Christmas cookies and red velvet cake (gluten free, of course...)
  • Christmas Eve and Sunday services at St. Mary's
  • the Peabody decorated for Christmas
  • making snowmen...out of marshmallows...Sweet Ashlyn...we asked her if she wanted to make a snowman and she said, "But it isn't snowing outside" and then went to check for any signs of snow.
  • playing, laughing, having fun, enjoying family and time together
Tomorrow, it's back to school. Back to the routine. Back to reality. The lunch boxes are on the counter, ready to be packed. The school bags are by the front door, ready to be grabbed on the way out the door. Gloria was in bed on time tonight and has already picked out her clothes for the morning. I ready???

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Will said...

I had fun visiting with you and Gloria. I hope I can find the time to come to Charlotte this year. Can't wait for you to come to Dallas one day. See you soon!