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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That's Not Fair!

Yesterday, Gloria got very interested in the inauguration--mostly who all of the people were. After Presidents Clinton, Carter, Bush, and Bush were seated and right before President Obama took his oath of office she turned to me and asked two questions:
  1. "Has a girl ever been the president?" I told her no and mentioned how Hillary Clinton had run in the primary. She remembered that from last spring.
  2. "Well, I think I want to be a girl president. Can I be president, Momma?" Again, I had to tell her no. She cannot grow up to be the president.
She thought I meant that I didn't want her to be the president and wanted to know why. When I explained to her that only people who were born in the United States can run for/be elected president, she scowled at me, stamped her foot with her hands on her hips, and proclaimed in perfect almost six-year old fashion..."Well that's not fair!"


mama2ellie said...

Ellie commented in much the same way when she found out she couldn't be President. She said "someone should change that rule!"

Spudsnsalsa said...

Similar sentiment on my Mari's part too!!! At 11.5 she was way into the inauguration and every time an anouncer would say "Any child can now dream of becoming president" she would mutter "Get you facts straight guys" at the TV!