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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Cute Little Raccoon

My little Glo-bug turned into a raccoon this week-end. She was in Red Riding Hood at her school. The Missoula Children's Theater had groups of actor/directors who tour the country and do productions at schools. The auditions were held on Monday afternoon and rehearsals started that evening. They rehearsed for five days and then performed on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Gloria was so excited to be in the play. Her godparents came to see her on Friday night and my mom surprised her by flying in on Saturday morning so she could see the show that afternoon. Gloria was thrilled to have special guests at each performance. She looked like she was having a good time on stage. I'm so glad she had this opportunity. Isn't she cute?

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This morning was one of those mornings where it would have been easier to stay home from church, given the work it took to get us out the door on time. Of course, the source of conflict was so silly--earrings and breakfast. But, we got out the door and on our way. Gloria was still fuming in the back seat so she informed me that "I'm not going to sing or participate in church today!" My response: " you're going to punish God because you are mad at Mommy?" Total silence followed, along with a furrowed brow that I could see in my rear view mirror. The only response I eventually got was "Oh." I had to suppress my giggle.

And she did sing and participate in church today. ;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reliving My Childhood

Gloria and I have been reading the "Little House" series for a while now. We've read the first two, and are currently reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek." (We skipped "Farmer Boy" for now...) My little book worm has really enjoyed these books. While she was sick, I got a DVD that three episodes from different points in time from the TV series. I think we watched it five or six times over three days! So, I found the boxed sets on line and ordered season one. We have been watching one pretty much every afternoon and she is just loving them and I am reliving my childhood. Who remembers Monday nights and the Ingalls family? I know I didn't watch the early years when they were new because the show came on at 8:00 and that was bedtime at our house! But finally I was allowed to watch it. And I LOVED it. Now, Gloria LOVES it. The other day I was informed, very seriously, "Momma, I'm not Ariel any more. Now I'm Laura. But if I say 'Ma,' I don't mean you because I'm pretending I'm at Laura's house." Nellie and Mrs. Olsen drive her nuts, Mr. Olsen is nice and Mr. Edwards is funny and a bad cook (remember...he cooked rattle snake stew for dinner when Pa and Ma left him with the girls while they went on their second honeymoon!). We've laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the DVD's. Guess I'll have to spring for season two before too long!

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Momma? I Think We Have a Weird Cat."

Those were Gloria's words the other night. She's just now noticing??? Really??? Some things we have learned about Hannah Cat...who will celebrate her 1st birthday tomorrow...

Looks can be deceiving. She enjoys the morning sunshine on her, er...Gloria's, bed. She also listens to our bedtime stories curled up on the same bed. Then "Hurricane" Hannah strikes, attacking G's feet when she tries to get under the covers.

We used to think that she was so glad to see us when we walked in the door after school. I have finally learned that we are so wrong...all those meows, leg rubs, and purrs don't mean "I'm so glad you are home. I've missed you so much today. You are just the best! I'm just so so so glad you came back!" HA!!! What it all really means is "It's about time! Where have you been? My ball has been stuck under the stove or in the pantry for hours. Get it out right now. Don't put your lunch boxes away. Don't take your coats off. Get my pink ball now, Now, NOW. Did you hear me? I said NOW."

I finally figured out why I keep finding pieces of papery onion skin on the counter. HC likes onions. Maybe she thinks they are big balls?!? I gave up chasing her off the counter and put the onions in the pantry closet.

Toilet paper is not meant to stay on rolls. It is meant to be pulled of into big white piles and shredded. Who knew?

Another favorite toy: ice cubes. I can't open the freezer without a demand for an ice cube. The cat knows when I am going to open the freezer in the morning and evening when I am packing and unpacking lunch boxes. If I don't give her one, she attempts to climb the fridge.

Bags and boxes must be inspected. And slept in, if possible. Doesn't matter the size or location. My gym bag, Gloria's pigeon (her school bag), grocery bags, mailing boxes, cereal boxes, suitcases, anything she can nose her way into.

Gloria loves her cat, but I think she's right...we have a weird cat!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From Snow Day to Sick Days

I knew my Glo-bug wasn't feeling well when she wasn't overly interested in the snow on Monday. We got up on Tuesday morning and she still had a temperature of 102. I quickly called my grade level administrator and the sub line, got us dressed, and headed to school to get some lesson plans ready for a substitute. I'm one of those teachers who has to write everything out and organize everything "just so" for a sub. I want everything to go as smoothly and normally as possible when I am out. After we came home I called the pediatrician's office. Of course they wanted to see her, given the symptoms I described, but they couldn't see us until late in the afternoon.

Gloria spent the entire day lying on the sofa, watching TV. Normally, I would limit the television to 30 minutes, but not yesterday. She didn't eat or drink much and was just miserable. The trip to the doctor's office was met with protests and tears and she fell asleep in the car. A quick swab confirmed that she has the flu. Tylenol and fluids are the best we can do. The thing is...she had the flu shot. I didn't. I'm doomed, I fear!

Today, I could tell she was starting to feel better, although still somewhat tired. She spent the morning watching a DVD ("Little House on the Prairie"). After lunch, she perked up and started teaching school with her imaginary class. She also wrote a story that she wants to publish, so look for that soon! Those two things were a sure sign that things were headed back to normal. I think she wore herself out though. Teaching will do that to a person, you know?!? She was back on the sofa before dinner time, but no fever.

She is out of school for the rest of the week because of parent-teacher conferences. Tomorrow, I will go to my conference, take her to the dentist, and visit the pediatrician (yes, again! We already had her 6 year old well-check scheduled before she got sick...they couldn't do both on Tuesday because her doctor wasn't in that day...). So, between snow days and sick days, I'm hopeful that I will get to work at least one day this week...on Friday! Unless I get the flu...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Snow Day

We are home today. It snowed last night--we probably have almost four inches of the white stuff outside. It's melting fast because the sun is shining brightly and it is a "warm" 35 degrees outside. We should be out playing in the snow, but my poor little Glo-bug is curled up on the sofa, under a blanket, not feeling well. She says her throat hurts and she is running a temp of 101. She came outside with me while I cleaned the snow off of the car (in an effort to make tomorrow morning a little easier). She was throwing a little snow here and there and some at me. When I threw a handful back at her, and actually hit her with it, she burst into tears and went back inside. That's what finally clued my in to her not feeling great. Last time, she was laughing and squealing and running around enjoying the cold, wet, white stuff. Not this time. She's happier on the sofa watching PBS. And truthfully, I'm happier observing the snow from inside my warm house instead of being out in it cold and wet.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's Gotcha' Day!

This is March 1, 2004. My parents traveled with me to Guatemala. Mom had gone with me when I made a visit trip at Thanksgiving, but this is the first time my dad met Gloria as well as the moment she was placed in my arms for ever.

Fast forward five years and here we are now.

In many ways, five years has been the blink of an eye. In other ways, it's been a lifetime. And it is our lifetime together as a family. I don't know that I was totally prepared for all the ways my life would change, and motherhood is far from easy, but I absolutely wouldn't trade it for the world. We have laughed and cried, played, traveled, made new friends that we might not otherwise have met if is was not for adoption, learned so much and grown so much that I am in awe as I reflect on it all.

This morning, I was greeted with a big hug and "Happy Gotcha' Day, Momma. Today's the day I got you for ever!" On the way home from church, I reminded her that today is Uncle Will and Aunt Martha's anniversary. She gasped and said "That's so cool! They got married on the same day as us!" I laughed and she rolled her eyes at me and informed me that "You know what I mean."

I am so thankful for my beautiful little girl and the life we have together. Can't wait to see what the next five years, and many more beyond that, have in store for us!