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Monday, March 16, 2009

"Momma? I Think We Have a Weird Cat."

Those were Gloria's words the other night. She's just now noticing??? Really??? Some things we have learned about Hannah Cat...who will celebrate her 1st birthday tomorrow...

Looks can be deceiving. She enjoys the morning sunshine on her, er...Gloria's, bed. She also listens to our bedtime stories curled up on the same bed. Then "Hurricane" Hannah strikes, attacking G's feet when she tries to get under the covers.

We used to think that she was so glad to see us when we walked in the door after school. I have finally learned that we are so wrong...all those meows, leg rubs, and purrs don't mean "I'm so glad you are home. I've missed you so much today. You are just the best! I'm just so so so glad you came back!" HA!!! What it all really means is "It's about time! Where have you been? My ball has been stuck under the stove or in the pantry for hours. Get it out right now. Don't put your lunch boxes away. Don't take your coats off. Get my pink ball now, Now, NOW. Did you hear me? I said NOW."

I finally figured out why I keep finding pieces of papery onion skin on the counter. HC likes onions. Maybe she thinks they are big balls?!? I gave up chasing her off the counter and put the onions in the pantry closet.

Toilet paper is not meant to stay on rolls. It is meant to be pulled of into big white piles and shredded. Who knew?

Another favorite toy: ice cubes. I can't open the freezer without a demand for an ice cube. The cat knows when I am going to open the freezer in the morning and evening when I am packing and unpacking lunch boxes. If I don't give her one, she attempts to climb the fridge.

Bags and boxes must be inspected. And slept in, if possible. Doesn't matter the size or location. My gym bag, Gloria's pigeon (her school bag), grocery bags, mailing boxes, cereal boxes, suitcases, anything she can nose her way into.

Gloria loves her cat, but I think she's right...we have a weird cat!

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