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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Water

The most recent development that proves just how weird Hannah Cat really is...We already knew that she would not eat out of her bowl (she pops food out onto the floor and eats it from there). But now she has decided that it is also beneath her royal cat-ness to drink out of her bowl. She wants running water from the faucet! Every night when we head upstairs for Gloria's shower, Hannah races ahead of us and sits expectantly on the counter. We have to turn the water on in the sink while Gloria is showering. HC either swats the running water and licks it off her paws or sticks her face right in and catches it in her mouth. She always seems so thristy, and her water bowl is never in need of refilling. So, I suspect this is the only water she is drinking. I refuse to leave the water running all day, every day. What to do...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Some Pictures

Thought I would post a few pictures while we are being lazy this morning. Have to head off to school in a little while to work my shift at the spring carnival, so the laziness is about to come to an end.

Here's my snaggle-toothed girl. Can you see all those holes in her mouth??? And let's not mention the fact that her hair hasn't been brushed yet this morning...

Cat in a box!
Hannah Cat loves the box the vacuum cleaner came in. Actually, she loves any box she can get in. Shoe boxes and cereal boxes create great consternation for her!

Dyeing Easter eggs with Maggee.

At the Easter Egg Hunt in Memphis. We were lucky to have a beautiful day that Saturday!

G and the Easter Bunny.
For some reason, she loves the Easter Bunny, but won't go anywhere near Santa Claus.

I just think this picture is funny! I had no idea that is looked like A. was holding up the big marble ball until I looked through my pictures later on!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We Love Children's Theater!

We had tickets for several different shows at the Children's Theater of Charlotte during the 08-09 season. Tonight was our last show. Gloria really enjoys "going to a show" and anticipates each one for days and weeks before hand. Tonight's show was a musical adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland." This is not a familiar story for my little book worm and I didn't know what to expect. It was different, but we enjoyed it.

Glo is always very attentive during a show, noticing little details that might escape most of us. Actually, she is this way about most every thing. Tonight was no exception. In the middle of one of the songs, she leaned over and told me that Alice had on the same shoes that Maggee bought her. Of course that meant I had to study Alice's shoes--no easy feat when she was dancing and moving all over the stage. But, sure enough, Gloria was right.

I really had to laugh, though, when she informed me that she recognized two actors from the show we saw in February and another one from last fall! How can she remember them when we have seen so many productions and the costumes and characters have all been so dramatically different??? I had to check the program, and she was right on all counts. Her memory amazes me sometimes! Tonight was no exception.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our "Exciting" Saturday Afternoon

How's this for an exciting Saturday outing...we bought a new vacuum cleaner. Woo hoo! What fun!

My old one was really old, and had finally had it. It smelled like burning rubber when I used it. It also made a horrible noise, clunking and banging. Before Easter, I went so far as to take it apart, which revealed a broken part that held the brush in place. Hence the noise. The smell...who knows. I declared it officially dead. So today we headed out to find a new one. Who knew there would be so many choices!?! Not me, that's for sure. But we chose one and it seems to do the trick.

One feature this model has is a red and green light. Red for when the carpet is still dirty and green for when it is clean. Gloria enjoyed watching and yelling "That part's clean now, Momma! You can move." Great...just what I need. A backseat vacuum-er! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snaggle Tooth

One is just never good enough for my child! Her teeth always seem to come out in multiples, and this time is no exception...

Last Thursday, she ate an apple on the airplane (we were on our way to Memphis) and it really loosened up one of the two loose teeth that were in her mouth. Neither one was particularly loose or ready to come out, but the apple did the trick on this one. When I was putting her to bed that night, she sat up and spit her tooth into her hand..."My tooth just came out!" It just fell out when she was wiggling it with her tongue.

So she had a pattern in the top of her mouth where her four front teeth should tooth, tooth, no tooth, and then a loose tooth, but at least there was a tooth.

Today when I picked her up from after school care, we were about to walk out the door when her teacher said "Her tooth is in her bag." Huh??? The story I was told on the way to the car is that someone ran into her on the slide and then her tooth came out. Now she is missing a tooth, has one tooth (that isn't all the way in, yet), a tooth that is just about to cut through but isn't there yet, and another missing tooth. The two holes next to each other and one hole on the other side of the lone top tooth are kind of funny looking. I'm glad school pictures were last week BEFORE she lost these two teeth!

I'll try to post a picture soon...when I feel like getting up off the sofa. (I have strep throat.)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Think I Need to Write a Book!

Here it is, my first full day of spring break (I worked a half-day yesterday thanks to snow in February and March) and I spent a good part of it thinking about and working on a lesson plan. I'm going to Gloria's class tomorrow to talk about adoption. She has been experiencing some teasing along the lines of "You're adopted. You're adopted..." this year in that sing-song-y, teasing voice that six year old girls are so good at using. I know that often times, teasing comes about as a result of something seen as "different" or "bad" or just simply confusing or unknown. We've role-played ways she could respond, I've offered suggestions of things she could say, and I have told her that she can always just walk away. However, the teasing has continued. It is upsetting to Gloria because she doesn't understand why someone would tease about someone else's family. So, I'm going in tomorrow to read a book and talk a little bit in general terms about how families can be formed through adoption.

In my preparation, I have searched lists of books in an attempt to find just the right book to read. There are lots of books that have an adoption theme to them or tell a specific adoption story, but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. Many books are specific to one country and most feature a "traditional" family made up of a momma and a daddy. I did not like the way in which several authors referred to the birthmother--one simply referred to her as "that lady in ______. (insert country name)" WHAT?!?

Fortunately, I've come up with an approach that I think will work tomorrow. I've run it by Gloria and she seems satisfied too. I am trying to keep it general and about adoption, not focused on Gloria's adoption story as that is hers to share when/as she feels like it.

And now...I've always said I would like to write a book some day. I think I might have found the "seed" from which my book might "grow."

What Happened to Spring?

For the last 5 months, our winter coats have been draped over the banister upon our arrival home each afternoon. For several weeks, they have just been sitting there, unused. This weekend, I finally decided to hang them back in the closets upstairs. Now it's 38 degrees with a predicted low tomorrow morning of 28! Guess I need to go pull those coats back out for another day or two.

Monday, April 6, 2009

How Is It Possible? is it possible to go from being the best momma in the world to the meanest, worst momma in the world and back to the best one in the course of an hour or so??? It just cracks me up sometimes. Rarely a dull moment!