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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Outsmarted by the Cat!

Hannah Cat has decided that she likes to scratch the corner of a chair in Gloria's room. Granted, somewhere deep inside, it probably has the scent of other cats who have scratched the same chair in the same place many, many years ago: Payton and Saki, to name two. The chair I am talking about used to be my dad's chair before I "inherited" it in my first apartment 16 years ago. Anyway...while shopping today, I picked up a roll of "scratch deterrent" tape. It's basically two-sided sticky tape. I diligently applied it to the corner of the chair with HC watching from one of her favorite perches. When I finished, she went to inspect my work. She sniffed all around the chair, backed away, sniffed some more, meowed, and sniffed some more, all the while throwing me these "you're not going to get the best of me" looks. And she was right. She put her paw on the tape, but quickly pulled away because she didn't like the sticky feeling on her paw. Instead, she started biting at the tape. She didn't like when it stuck on her nose, but she kept working and managed to pull off an entire piece. She left other pieces on there, but I'm sure she will go back to work on those later. Stupid cat. cat, really. I just hate being bested by a cat!

Grocery Shopping

I have gotten to where I really pay attention to sales at the grocery store. I do a good bit of my grocery shopping (OK, the majority of it, really) at "Wally World" now. Their prices are just so much lower than the HT. For example: soy milk is $4.97 for the two half-gallons in a box at WM but $6.49 at HT. I have found many name brands to be cheaper there than the HT brand of the same items. It's usually crowded, and you certainly lose the cleanliness/atmosphere of HT, but it really is cost effective. However, today I went to the HT specifically to get some of the BOGO items they were advertising. With the vic card savings and coupons, my total was $24.32. My total savings was $28.74. I saved more than I spent. That's the kind of shopping I like!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun--Week Two in Review

What a week. Lots of fun. Lots of sun. Lots of things to do.

Monday: We rode the light rail down town and then walked the two blocks to Discovery Place. I think Gloria enjoyed DP so much this time because she had a friend to show around this time. I did miss the aquariums though. They are renovating the entire museum, different sections at a time, and the aquarium area is closed right now. On the way home, the girls sat in the very front seat where they could look into the driver's "box" as well as see right where we were headed. They figured out which button made the whistle blow. When we got home, they spent a long time making light rail tickets and then played light rail for the rest of the afternoon. They took turns being the driver and the passenger with many, many children. They would make up stops--many of them actual streets around town. I had no idea Gloria knew the names of some of the roads we drive on frequently!

Tuesday: We missed the movie due to some pouting. Oh well. It was a lovely day outside. Hot, but no humidity and a nice breeze. They played and played outside, riding bikes, kicking a ball, jumping rope, making up games. We ate lunch outside and they played some more. We didn't spend much time inside at all.

Wednesday: It was art in the park day. Today's activity was painting butterfly suncatchers and then designing the insert to a clear acrylic flower pot. They both enjoy craft activities a lot and they worked so diligently on their projects. The rest of the day was spend outside. Again, the weather was hot, but not humid. I noticed that my feet are developing stripes from my sandals that I have been wearing since I have been outside so much.

Thursday: This was our big adventure day again. This time, we were off to the Dan Nicholas Park. There is so much to do up there, but the highlight for the girls was the gem mining. Each of them had a big bucket of sand which they could dump into sieves and then allow the sand to wash away. They both found some pretty rocks/gemstones. Gloria spent a lot of time last night sorting her rocks and then comparing them to the little chart she got at the park in order to figure out what her rocks might be. Then she set up a gem store, complete with a "menu" of her gems, prices, and an order form. I love her imaginative play! What else did we do at the park...let's see...there was the carousel, the train, the wildlife area, the petting farm, an aquarium, putt putt golf (Gloria's first time to play), playgrounds, and a water play area. I think that about covers it. And darn it if my camera battery needed to be charged after the first two pictures I took! Oh well.

Friday: Another library day with lots of new books to read for next week. We only came home with 14 books this time, compared to the 25 books last week!

Gloria and I also went swimming several times this week after we were through with my babysitting. We have found that late afternoon and early evening are the best times to go swimming. She certainly sleeps well when we have been swimming right before bedtime!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In Love

My daughter informed me this afternoon that she is in love. Of course I had to inquire...who is the object of her affections? I really had no idea. She smiled this really silly smile, blushed a little, and told me it is Bert. As in Nan's twin brother from the Bobbsey Twins. Her reason for this is that he is nice and kind to everyone. She has been reading Bobbsey Twins books in the car for the past few weeks.

Then tonight she told me that if Hannah Cat was a boy, or if we got a boy cat, she would choose Bert as the cat's name. This was followed with a giggle and batting eyelashes. But, I'll take a fictitious boyfriend, hands down, right now!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Fun--Week One

Last week was our first week of summer fun. Boy, did we stay busy! I'm babysitting another little girl during the day for part of the summer so I tried to plan fun activities to do with them. Last week went something like this:

Monday: dentist appointment--the most boring part of the whole week, but the girls were great while I was sitting in the dentist's chair.

Tuesday: We went to see Horton Hears a Who. Reg*l Cinemas does free family movies every Tuesday and Wednesday morning during the summer. Things don't get much better than free when it comes to entertaining two six year olds!

Wednesday: Art in the Park. The parks and recreation department in our town sponsors this every summer. Only it was pouring rain on Wednesday morning, so it became art at the community center. They had fun decorating little water bottle holders and hats (which then got put to great use on Thursday).

Thursday: We went to the Lazy 5 Ranch. They have wild animals from six continents that roam free. Well, except for Luther, the rhinoceros, and the giraffes. You can drive through in your own car or take a wagon ride. We opted for the wagon ride. I had visions of a water buffalo or a wildebeest doing something bad to my car! ;) It was so fun to ride the wagon through the ranch, stopping to feed the creatures: buffalo, emus and ostriches, deer, pigs, goats, llamas, and giraffes. Or should I say watching the girls feed all of those creatures. We also had a picnic lunch, played on the playground, and wandered over to see the camels, lemurs, tortoises, kangaroos, and various birds. What a fabulous day!

Friday: We spent 2 hours at the library reading books, playing on the computers, and doing puzzles. It was good to have a quieter day.

More fun is planned for this week! Here are a few pictures from Lazy 5.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Color is Chlorine?

Yesterday afternoon, my little artist was hard at work illustrating her story about swimming. She began searching through all the crayons and I could tell she was looking for something specific as she read the name of and promptly discarded each color she picked up. Finally I asked her what color she was looking for. Her reply: "I found it. It's chlorine, for the pool water." She held up a blue-ish colored crayon. It was cerulean. Once again, I couldn't help but laugh. :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going to the Pool

This is a phrase that just makes me laugh when I think of my childhood. Growing up in Florida, we never had to "go to the pool" because the pool was in our backyard from the time I was in 1st grade (or was it kindergarten when we lived on Lake Elbert?) until I left for college. All we had to do was put on our bathing suits, walk out the back door, and dive in. Now, we have to "go to the pool" and that takes work!

When we decide to go swimming, the conversation and action in our house is something like this...

Bathing suits either on or in the bag? Check
Goggles? Check
Green band? (very important when swimming at the Y...The green neck band says that my little fish has passed the swim test and she can swim without me being within an arm's length at all times. More importantly, she is allowed to slide down the big slides) Check
Sunscreen? Check, check (I can't use hers or I'll itch like crazy and mine is too expensive for me to use on both of us!)
Water bottles? Check
Towels? Check
Flops? Check
Y card or pool pass? Check
Car keys and sunglasses? Check
Wallet with driver's license and cell phone? Check
Oh yeah...Gloria? Check we're ready to go to the pool!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Finished with Kindergarten!

My little girl finished Kindergarten on Thursday. I know she had a fun year. She commented to me that "it feels like it should only be one of the first days of kindergarten, not the last day." I guess that means it went by quickly for her, too. I know she is sad because her best friend is going to a new school next year. Today, a few people that she met asked her what grade she is going into...I guess since it's summer time, that's the appropriate question now. She absolutely lit up with her "First grade" reply.

She does have to go to one week of "summer camp" at her school since I still have a few days left at my school. But then we have a fun-filled summer ahead of us...playing, swimming, having fun, and a little traveling. I can't wait! This is actually the first summer we have been home instead of at the seminary, so we are eager to enjoy some of the outside activities the area has to offer!