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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grocery Shopping

I have gotten to where I really pay attention to sales at the grocery store. I do a good bit of my grocery shopping (OK, the majority of it, really) at "Wally World" now. Their prices are just so much lower than the HT. For example: soy milk is $4.97 for the two half-gallons in a box at WM but $6.49 at HT. I have found many name brands to be cheaper there than the HT brand of the same items. It's usually crowded, and you certainly lose the cleanliness/atmosphere of HT, but it really is cost effective. However, today I went to the HT specifically to get some of the BOGO items they were advertising. With the vic card savings and coupons, my total was $24.32. My total savings was $28.74. I saved more than I spent. That's the kind of shopping I like!

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