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Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Fun--Week Two in Review

What a week. Lots of fun. Lots of sun. Lots of things to do.

Monday: We rode the light rail down town and then walked the two blocks to Discovery Place. I think Gloria enjoyed DP so much this time because she had a friend to show around this time. I did miss the aquariums though. They are renovating the entire museum, different sections at a time, and the aquarium area is closed right now. On the way home, the girls sat in the very front seat where they could look into the driver's "box" as well as see right where we were headed. They figured out which button made the whistle blow. When we got home, they spent a long time making light rail tickets and then played light rail for the rest of the afternoon. They took turns being the driver and the passenger with many, many children. They would make up stops--many of them actual streets around town. I had no idea Gloria knew the names of some of the roads we drive on frequently!

Tuesday: We missed the movie due to some pouting. Oh well. It was a lovely day outside. Hot, but no humidity and a nice breeze. They played and played outside, riding bikes, kicking a ball, jumping rope, making up games. We ate lunch outside and they played some more. We didn't spend much time inside at all.

Wednesday: It was art in the park day. Today's activity was painting butterfly suncatchers and then designing the insert to a clear acrylic flower pot. They both enjoy craft activities a lot and they worked so diligently on their projects. The rest of the day was spend outside. Again, the weather was hot, but not humid. I noticed that my feet are developing stripes from my sandals that I have been wearing since I have been outside so much.

Thursday: This was our big adventure day again. This time, we were off to the Dan Nicholas Park. There is so much to do up there, but the highlight for the girls was the gem mining. Each of them had a big bucket of sand which they could dump into sieves and then allow the sand to wash away. They both found some pretty rocks/gemstones. Gloria spent a lot of time last night sorting her rocks and then comparing them to the little chart she got at the park in order to figure out what her rocks might be. Then she set up a gem store, complete with a "menu" of her gems, prices, and an order form. I love her imaginative play! What else did we do at the park...let's see...there was the carousel, the train, the wildlife area, the petting farm, an aquarium, putt putt golf (Gloria's first time to play), playgrounds, and a water play area. I think that about covers it. And darn it if my camera battery needed to be charged after the first two pictures I took! Oh well.

Friday: Another library day with lots of new books to read for next week. We only came home with 14 books this time, compared to the 25 books last week!

Gloria and I also went swimming several times this week after we were through with my babysitting. We have found that late afternoon and early evening are the best times to go swimming. She certainly sleeps well when we have been swimming right before bedtime!

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