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Monday, July 27, 2009

We're Back

Quick update with more details about some things later on!

Weeks 4 and 5 of "Momma's Summer Camp" flew by and we stayed busy, busy, busy with trips to the library, Discovery Place, the Nature Museum, Riverbanks Zoo, free movies, art in the park, and lots of swimming and outside time. It was fun, but we were also glad to set out on the first part of our vacation trip.

We headed to Florida to meet my mom at her condo in central Florida. The true highlight of the trip was our trip to Sea World with an old friend of mine. That will need its own post, but it was just an awesome day! We also went to Vero Beach for 2 days/one night. We love the beach and hope for a longer time there next year. It was also nice to have some "down time" and Gloria enjoyed playing with the granddaughter of some family friends.

Hannah Cat did not make the trip south with us and ignored us when we got home...until the middle of the night when she wanted to sleep on top of me and then on top of Gloria. She has been in my lap or at my feet all day today. She is going with us to Memphis. Not looking forward to encounters with Emmett, my mom's cat. Eek!

The summer has flown by. Only three more weeks before I go back to work!

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