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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feeling Sentimental

This afternoon, Gloria and I got to work cleaning her stroller so that I can sell it to the children's consignment shop. It had been in my parents' garage for about a year and a half and Mom had used it on walks with my nieces. I think Emmett (her cat) had been sleeping in it too. It had collected a good amount of dirt and dust, cat hair, and some cobwebs and needed a good scrubbing. It took Gloria two buckets of water and two rags to get the frame and wheels clean. I took all the pads off--the seat, basket, and canopy--which required the use of a screw driver at one point. It was like solving a puzzle to get everything off! Everything that could went into the washing machine.

I just finished getting it put back together, and other than a few scuffs the stroller looks really good. Looking at it makes me think of all the time I spent pushing Gloria in it...on walks, shopping at the mall, at Disney World, through the airports...countless hours...It is one of the last remaining pieces of my "baby" girl who has grown up into a "big" girl, ready to start first grade this week. Seeing it standing there in the corner, I'm not so sure I can give it up!

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Karen said...

so sweet - I would have a hard time too -