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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sea World

While on our vacation, we enjoyed a wonderful day at Sea World with an old friend of mine and her daughter! The day started gray and rainy. Gloria was so excited about seeing Shamu and the rest of the ocean animals that the prospect of rain didn't seem to dampen her mood too much. But the last of the raindrops fell as we drove into the parking lot and eventually the clouds gave way to lots of sunshine.

Gloria's favorite things at Sea World included the dolphin show, the sea lion and otter show, and the dolphin nursery. The highlight of her day, though, was sitting in the soak zone and getting drenched during the Shamu Rocks show that evening. The only reason I wasn't as wet as I otherwise might have been was the fact the G was sitting on my lap.

Let the day begin!

One of Gloria's favorite parts of the sea lion and otter show. She has retold this to many people.

Gloria tried to feed this sea lion some fish only to be frustrated by that bird (the white one that looks like it is standing on her head) swooping in and catching them after she tossed them. The bird caught all of the fish that G threw, so she was crying. A kind woman next to us offered us one of her fish. That time, the sea lion caught the fish...just in the nick of time!

Moments after Shamu soaked us. She was squealing and laughing...just ecstatic to have her one wish for the day granted.

We ended up staying until the park closed. Our day ended with some fireworks (the first ones that Gloria has ever seen in person instead of on tv...). It was truly a fantastic day!

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