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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Little Much?

This is what I do each night/morning...

Yes, that's right. Five lunch boxes. Go ahead. Count them again. You really did see five lunch boxes. I know what you are thinking...there are only two people in our house. Right again. Just two, and it takes five lunch boxes to get us through most school days. Why? Let me explain, from left to right...

Lunch box #1: Contains an after school snack for Gloria. This one only gets packed on days that we don't come straight home from school. So, if we are headed to the Y for exercise classes or her dance class, or if we have errands to run, this one gets put to use.

Lunch box #2: Gloria's lunch box for school. Since we eat gluten-free, I have to pack her lunch every day.

Lunch box #3: Gloria's school snack. Her class doesn't eat lunch until 12:30, so they have a mid-morning snack. I used to be able to just put something in her book bag until she decided that she needs a bottle of water to go with it. And of course that bottle of water must be kept cold! So, it's the third lunch box I have to pack.

Lunch box #4: That one is mine for my 3 bottles of water and my after school snack. I used to just keep my water bottles at school, but now I prefer them cold instead of room temperature. Picky, picky.

Lunch box #5: That would be my for my lunch. I pack my own lunch for the same reason I pack Gloria's lunch. Besides, I'm not real keen on most elementary school cafeteria offerings!

So, each night after dinner, I put together everything that is necessary for filling these five lunch boxes. Anything cold then stays in the fridge until the next morning when I finish packing lunches with lots of cold packs. Lots means between anywhere between 6 and 10, depending on what is in her snacks.'s a little much, I think...but what else should I do?

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Kathy said...

dear me! And I thought I had it bad packing 2 1/2 every day. I will never complain again although I might wine from time to time.