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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Thoughtful Girl

Yesterday was my birthday. For a few weeks, Gloria knew my birthday was coming and she kept wondering what she could "get" for me. It was very important to her that I have a present to open since my new tires in July were my present from my parents. So, one Saturday afternoon she disappeared into her room for a long time because she had decided to make something for me. She also made me a birthday card, complete with glitter glue decorations (which she left on her table and Hannah Cat promptly curled up on it while it was still wet...ARGH!!! HC was not happy when I was trying to clean her up after that little incident.) Gloria found a gift bag and tissue paper in the closet and put her special present inside. Then she hid it from plain sight under her art table in the living room. Yesterday she insisted on going down stairs before me and she put my gift in my chair at the dining room table. She had made me a beaded necklace and a matching key chain. I proudly wore the necklace to school yesterday after she tied it around my neck. And she put the key chain on my other key chain. She was so excited to see it still on there today. Not to mention, she was quite proud of herself for making the only gift I got to actually open because she thinks tires are B-O-R-I-N-G, even if they do get us to school and home safely. (Thanks, Mom and Dad) :)

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