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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinner Table Talk

Tonight we were eating dinner. I don't usually have the television on during dinner, but tonight I had the 6:00 news on, just to catch the weather forecast (rain?). I just can't manage to stay up for the 10:00 news when I have a 5:15 wake-up call! Anyway, Gloria was listening, I guess....Her take on a few things...

1. The Panthers should bench Jake (the QB) next Sunday. She watched him throw 2 interceptions yesterday and was NOT happy. When he said "I'm no dummy..." in a clip, she made a face and said "Yes you are." Um, yeah...she's got a point there.

2. H1*N1: She's sick and tired of hearing about it. She has pointed out that it is all they ever talk about anymore. Again, I am inclined to agree with her.

3. The lead-in to the next story was "Why did the pilots miss the airport?" Her response was "Well, it was cloudy so they couldn't see the sign." Hmmm...that's as good a reason as any.

Now, she has traded her news commentating for markers and paper. She's making a card for Santa. It's a bit early, don't you think??? Of course, if my momma told me I was getting socks and underwear for Christmas, I might be writing an early letter too! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lunch Time Conversation

It has been my experience that children want to know many details about their teacher's life. This year is proving no different. A conversation I had at lunch recently went like this...

Student: Ms. B, are you married?
Me: No.
Student: Oh, you just mean not yet. *brief pause* So, are you a grandmother in your family?
(It was all I could do not to choke on my food at that moment.)
Me: Um, nnnooo. Just a mom. My mom is the grandmother in our family.
Student: Oh, I just thought maybe you were since you're so old.
Me: (Thinking WHAT!!!???) Just how old do you think I am? (a question I instantly regretted)
Multiple students chimed in, arguing over how old I might be. Answers included 25, 43, 58, 67, and 72. One reasonable student pointed out that I could not have been teaching for 17 years if I was only 25, which made the numbers go higher.

You just never know what you will hear or discuss in the elementary school cafeteria on any given day!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why I Like Being at an "Early" School

I never thought I would say it, but I actually like being at a school that has an early start time. It's not just the school itself (which I do love). The only thing I don't like is that it is still pitch dark when we walk out the front door every morning. That and the fact that getting up at 5:15 requires going to bed much earlier than I would like, given that I tend more towards the night-owl end of the spectrum. However...

  • I love looking at the moon and stars with Gloria as we drive to drop her off at before-school care each morning. We talk about the phases of the moon, and we see the morning star quite often. She loves to see if the moon is "following us," especially when there is a full moon.
  • I love watching the sky begin to show hints of the sun rise as I drive east. The pinkish-reddish-orange-y color leads to a blue-ish, dark gray, with the dark black above it. Sometimes there are puffy clouds that glow with the rising of the sun. There is a point where suddenly I have left "night" behind and entered "day." It's kind of cool.
  • I love that we dismiss at 1:45. There's still lots of time to do things in the afternoon.
  • I love that I can pick Gloria up in the carpool line each afternoon (except staff meeting days). She always comes skipping to the car with a big smile on her face. I love her "Hi, Momma!" as she climbs in the back seat and buckles her seat belt. Every day I ask her why she is so happy. Typically, her response is "I get to go back tomorrow!" She loves school. I will admit, though, that I miss seeing her face light up when she realizes I have arrived to pick her up from after-school care and the huge hug she greets me with. I still get that on staff meeting days, though.
  • I love that we can go to the Y after school in time for Gloria to go to a kids exercise class or her dance class, depending on the day, and I can work out too. This is the first time she has ever been able to take a dance class because everything for her age has always started before I could get her there when I was working at a "late" school.
  • I love that we can come home and have some down time before running the dinner, bath, and bedtime race.

My Little Bookworm!

She reads EVERYWHERE! In the car, in bed, at the dining room table while eating breakfast. When she gets up on Saturday or Sunday morning, she gets a stack of books and gets back in bed. There are books everywhere in my house and in my car. Anywhere she can curl up or stretch out with a book, she does. The girl simply loves books. And she can read literally anything she picks up. (I was told recently that her independent reading level is equivalent to a child at the end of fourth grade...not that I was surprised or anything...I read with her all the time.) Tonight I called up the stairs to her three times to tell her to come down for dinner. Finally I yelled up "Did you get lost up there?" The reply finally came back..."Yes. I got lost in a magazine. It was just so good." Then she came down and proceeded to tell me all about the article she had been reading, about people building snow sculptures, in pretty explicit detail. "It was just so cool! I felt like I was there!"