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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thoughts on Telvision

The other day, Gloria was telling me about a conversation she had with some friends during lunch. It seems that they were talking about their favorite t.v. shows. When Gloria was asked about what she likes to watch, her response drew teases and laughs from her friends and she was crushed. It sounds like they watch shows that are found on some child-oriented cable stations while Gloria watches shows on PBS if she watches any television at all. Well, that or her Little House DVDs.

I have made a choice to not have cable television (or any kind of paid television service). We get the major networks, a few local stations, and 2 different sets of PBS stations. That's plenty. I limit her t.v. time and don't watch that much myself. And many of the shows that are on those cable stations are not ones I would let her watch, even if we HAD cable. The content, to me, is questionable in terms of how appropriate it is for a child who is 6 or 7 years old. I'd rather her spend time doing the other things she loves to do...reading, writing, drawing, imaginative play...

Maybe I'm being too limiting. But I don't think we need to watch things on television just because "everyone else is doing it." Thoughts, anyone?

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brenna said...

I agree. Too much television is bad and the kinds of television shows are bad as well.
My early childhood students at school talk about all the shows they watch at home. One of the worst is Family Guy -animated to look like a cartoon and appeal to younger children but the content is horrible.

Even at my school videos and dvd's are out and students are limited to one hour of screen time per day (computer).

Kids need to get back to their imaginations and learning from something other than tv.

Good thoughts, Merrill. Keep up with your leadership for Gloria.