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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to School Shopping

It's August. 

There are just two weeks let before I go back to work.  Three weeks from today, I will greet my new class of second graders.  Where has the summer gone?  Hmmm...thesis work, vacation, thesis work, pool's gone so quickly!

Today, Gloria and I went to Office Max, Office Depot, and Target for supplies for my classroom.  I knew what I wanted to purchase and had scoured the circulars from the Sunday paper.  I didn't want to buy too much, but there were a few specific items I wanted and then some everyday type things that are just so much cheaper right now compared to the rest of the year.

Here's what I found:

Office Depot had the plastic, 2 pocket, pronged folders for 54 cents.  That was less than Office Max by 20 cents per folder. I later found them at Target for 50 cents each, but don't want to deal with returning them just to save myself a dollar.  I also got three packs of red pens for 25 cents each.  (Office Max didn't have red or I would have gotten them there since they had the name brand instead of the store brand.  Oh well...)  Pencil boxes like I wanted were 99 cents.

Office Max had the best price on pencils at 10 cents for a box of 12 pencils.  I picked up several packs of 25 cap erasers and a ream of paper while we were there.

Target was my best deal today.  Composition books for a quarter a piece!  Woo hoo!  Big pink erasers in 2-packs for 20 cents each.  Crayola markers for $1 a box.  Paper folders were 10 cents a piece.  (That's about the best I can do every year.)  They also had colored pencils for 50 cents each, and for each box of colored pencils you buy, you can get the 24 pack of crayons for free! 

Gloria found the cutest lunch box ever. And the cats got a bag of cat food and a box of litter.  So I think everyone was happy.  Mission accomplished!

Now...back to that thesis...


Brenna said...

Do the students at your school receive a supply list at "meet the teacher" day or the first day of school? Students here must supply a ream of paper for the teacher to use in the copier, tissue boxes, paper towels.

Not my school b/c I teach at an early childhood center not associated w/ the district, but it's amazing what the district schools require on their supply lists.

Merrill said...

We do send home a list. It's nothing too big. Mostly pencils, folders, crayons. We have a list of "if you can" items like boxes of tissue, printer paper, and sanitizing/cleaning wipes.