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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Doomed

So how is it that I ended up with a totally girly girl who has developed a love for football and tonight surprised me with her knowledge of basketball???

The Vanderbilt-UNC men's basketball game was on TV tonight.  Gloria got very excited when she noticed that Vandy was ahead..."I didn't know Vanderbilt could be ahead!  Maybe they can win!"  She was cheering them on and when she was congratulating them on making a 3-pointer, I asked her how she knew that.  "From Mr. G at school.  He's a very good PE teacher you know."  She knew about 3-pointers and free throws and that regular baskets were 2 points. I had no idea she knew all of that.  She has no interest in actually playing basketball but was loving watching it.

I am doomed.  I have never paid much attention to sports of any kind.  Now I have to follow it for my daughter's sake.  I guess basketball might take her mind off the lack of football in a few weeks.  She even said she would cheer for Vanderbilt...

As long as they aren't playing the Auburn Tigers...

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