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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ted the Turkey Goes to Auburn

Written by Gloria for a class assignment:

After watching the Tigers win the Georgia vs. Auburn football game, Ted was just lying down after a great game.  All of the sudden his telephone rang!  He hurried to answer it and on the other end he heard Aubie!  “Hi!” said Aubie.  “Well, is the Munch Bunch giving you a hard time again?”  “Yes!” said Ted, “How did you know?”  “Well, news is all around Auburn,” said Aubie, “and, well, I was just wondering if it was true.”  “Hey! Since the Munch Bunch is  giving you trouble,” said Aubie, “would you like to come out here and help Cam and the others practice for the big game against Alabama?”  “Yes!” said Ted. “Thank you!  I’ll come tomorrow and I’ll leave at 6:00 in the morning.  I better get packing.  Do I need to bring my practice uniform?”  “Yes,” said Aubie.  “You’ll be practicing, you know!”  “Yes,” said Ted.  “Bye!  See you tomorrow!”  After the plane landed he went straight to Jordan-Hare Stadium and saw Aubie and Cam Newton!  “Hi,” said Cam.  “Let’s start practicing as soon as you get into the Auburn uniform.”  “OK,” said Ted.  And after that Ted threw the ball and kept doing this until noon.  “I’m hungry,” said Ted.  “So am I,” said Cam. “Let’s travel up to the cafeteria and we can have come chili.  Say, would you like to stay until the big game?” asked Cam.  “We could practice every day.”  “Yes, I would love it here. I don’t think the Munch Bunch will find me at a college.  They are just in second grade at ********* School.” said Ted.  And they practiced and practiced.  Let’s hope the practice pays off for the big game! 

The poster to go with her story

Aubie, Ted the Turkey in his practice uniform, and Cam on the football field


Will Boykin said...

What a great story! I love the picture of the Auburn turkey. War Eagle!

Brenna said...

Very creative! And I say that as a Gator fan. Many of my cousins are big Auburn fans. They would love this.