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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A New Doll, Of Sorts

One of Gloria's Christmas highlights was a new doll.  Only, she isn't really a new doll.  Just new to Gloria.  Mary Anne was mine when I was younger.  And before that, she was my mom's doll with the name Nancy Anne.  Mary Anne had been living in the top of a closet at my house for a number of years and all of her clothes were packed away in an old toy chest.  In October, Mom took Mary Anne and all of her clothes home to Memphis where Mary Anne visited the doll hospital to get her head repaired (it was kind of lopsided and she couldn't hold it up straight any more) and to get her hair fixed up since it was kind of raggedy.  Mom washed and ironed all of Mary Anne's clothes.  Some are original and many were made by my grandmother.  It's kind of funny because you can definitely tell which clothes were made in the 70's!

This is Mary Anne, as she looked on Christmas Day, 2010, wearing the same dress as she was wearing on her first Christmas fifty-eight years ago!

This is Christmas of 1952 when my mom received the brand new doll, then named Nancy Anne.

Christmas, 1979.  My grandmother made the matching outfits for the doll and for me.

Christmas, 2010.  Mary Anne is wearing the same dress she was wearing in 1952!

Gloria was thrilled to receive Mary Anne.  She has been so gentle with her.  She is just in awe of the fact that she has a doll that belonged to both her mother and her grandmother.  She is already talking about how she can pass it down to a fourth generation some day!


Karen said...

wow - made me cry...what an amazing present!!!

Marti said...

That is awesome! How great that you have a picture of your mother with the doll. Have you thought of making duplicate pictures, place it in a protective packet, and pass it along with the doll throughout the generations. Each generation can add a picture.