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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Day Off

Today is Grandparents Day at Gloria's school.  She *really* wanted someone to be in the audience for her since she has a speaking part in the play.  So, being the "good momma" that I am, I asked my principal if I could take today off so that I could be there for Gloria.  It was the easiest option--half a day is a challenge for my students to make that transition from me to a substitute, not to mention the fact that it is really hard to find a sub who will do a half day instead of taking a whole day job.  And I really didn't want to leave early and split my class among the other classes on my grade level.  That's just hard on everyone in all six classes.  So here I am with the whole day off.

Not that I've been "off" in any way other than I didn't go to work today.  I took Gloria to school this morning and then ran to Targ*et for cat food and hairspray and...a few other necessities.  Let me tell early Friday morning is the best time EVER to go there!  Very few shoppers.  The shelves are stocked and ready for the weekend.  No long line at the cash registers.  And I had $11.00 in coupons!  Then a quick run to the "Teeter" because they had vanilla extract on sale for $1.00 and I happened to have a $1.00 coupon.  You can do the math.  :)   A quick stop at Chick-fil-a with my free chicken biscuit coupon, and I was home...all in less than an hour's time!  I was Mom on a Mission this morning!

I thought I would have some time to read and maybe write a few pages, or maybe work on lesson plans for next week or do my report cards...but it wasn't meant to be.

Once I got home I decided to go on and make tonight's dinner since there we have a late afternoon soccer practice.

That led to cleaning up my kitchen counters
and sweeping the kitchen floor,
which led to cleaning up the rest of the downstairs,
which led to folding the laundry from the dryer,
and starting a new load of wash
(which is now in the dryer).

And then, just when I thought I was finished...
I noticed the dust.

Oh my goodness!
The dust!

We're talking thick, fluffy dust that you can write messages in.
Dust that requires removing picture frames from shelves so the entire shelf can be wiped.
Dust that I really didn't see yesterday or last week.
Surely it just appeared over night, right?

So I dusted.
And picked up.
And dusted.
And threw away.
And dusted.
I drew the line when I noticed that the silver candlesticks need to be polished.
(Sorry Dad.  You can do that when you are here in a few weeks if you want to...)

But now I can see my kitchen counters again!
And maybe the colors on the tv screen will be brighter since the layer of grey is gone!
The dining room table can be used for dining again!
And the stairs are clear, no longer waiting for someone to trip over the accumulation of papers waiting to be filed or shoes needing to be put away.
The piano keys aren't sticky any more.

I think the cats have gone into hiding for fear I might try to clean them too!

And now I have a few minutes before heading off to Grandparents Day.
But before I go, I need to go fold those towels that are finished in the dryer!

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Marti said...

Doesn't it feel great! Glad you had a productive day. Love your humor--poor cats.