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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm Not Biting!

This is getting ridiculous!

Yesterday there were twelve.

Today there were eleven more.

That's twenty-three in all.


Twenty-three what, you ask?

23 different pieces of mail.
All from various law offices.
Some addressed to me.
Some addressed to Gloria.
Some addressed to the parent/guardian of Gloria.
Some addressed to our family.
All offering their sympathies for our recent accident.
All telling me how they know this must be a scary and difficult time for me/us.  (What ever...roll eyes!)

There have been DVD's, numerous copies of the accident report and interpretation guides, note pads, glossy ads, folders for organizing paperwork, discounts, offers to come to my house to meet with me, warnings not to settle and to let them help me get all that we deserve for our pain and suffering as a result of this unfortunate incident.


Seriously, folks!  Call off the sharks dogs!

First of all, I don't think I need a lawyer.  The insurance company has been easy to deal with.  This is a cut and dry case and clearly the other guy's fault.  I already know, the pediatrician reminded me and even the lady I talked to at the insurance company told me, with great emphasis, not to sign any papers until I am sure Gloria's injury/complaints are fully taken care of.

Second of all, in the event that I did need legal advice or service, I seriously would NOT base it on one of the 23 mailings I have received in the past two days!

For goodness sake, save a tree!
Save your money.
I'm not biting.

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