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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Am I Enough?

Boy, bedtime was tough tonight.

Why is it that the emotions always take over as the sun slips behind the clouds and the day is coming to an end?  When I am so tired that I feel inadequate in helping her deal with the emotions?  When what we both need is a good night's sleep and the clear mind of morning?

The struggle...

"I'm the only one without a dad."

Tomorrow is Derby Day.  The dads are invited to come in and help construct a car and they will enjoy racing their cars.

One of Gloria's classmates graciously offered for G to join her in building cars with her dad, and Gloria was excited about that at the time.  But this just reinforces her feelings of being "different."

So tonight she was sad, wishing for something she doesn't have, and wishing she didn't have to go to school tomorrow.

And that brings out my feelings of inadequacy.
I can't be everything.
I can't do everything.
And I wonder, again for the umpteen millionth time, if it's not fair to her that I am her only parent.
Am I enough?

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Karen said...

Oh Merrell - it is a hard road you are walking - and you are doing a tremendous job! Here's the thing - even with two parents, it is not enough. No one can do everything - it's why we point our children's eyes upward. Gloria has a Heavenly Father who loves her so much He placed her into your arms - the parent He choose specifically for her. Because He knows you are more than enough!