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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No "Good Momma" Award for Me!

Yeah, I pretty much earned that award yesterday.
And sealed it today.

Yesterday, Gloria had a field trip.
There were three requirements:

  • All students must wear their school polo shirts and khaki pants.
  • Brown bag, disposable lunch.
  • Bring your own car seat if you still use one.
Not hard, right?
I failed on two out of the three.

School shirt and khaki skort?

Brown bag lunch?
Packed it right into her regular lunch box.
With the regular freezer ice packs.

Car seat?
Yeah, remembered that when I was half way to school after dropping her off at before school care.

And it turns out that she's the only one in her *whole* class who still uses a booster seat.
"Momma!  When Mrs. T asked who still uses one, I raised my hand.  I was the only one who did.  But I couldn't just tell a story, even though I really wanted to."

OK, maybe I earn a few points back for that?

And they were able to borrow one from someone else who works at her school that has a younger daughter, so all was well.

Then this morning rolls around.

I'll save that for tomorrow.  
Let's just say it surprised her.
She didn't think I'd do it.
I did.

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