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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cokes and Cats

The good news is that today is day three without a Coke to go with my lunch.  Even better is that today is the first day I have not had a killer headache all afternoon and into the night!  Hopefully that is the end of that.  The next to the last week of school was probably not the BEST time to do this, but life goes on.  I told my second graders yesterday, after one asked me where my Coke was at lunch, that I wasn't going to drink them any more.  Today one of them asked me if I was grumpy because I needed a Coke!  Oh dear.

Actually, it was terribly hot in my classroom today, so we were ALL grumpy.  Eighteen overly warm second graders and one overly warm teacher is not a good combination, with or without my beloved brown, bubbly, caffeinated beverage!

Anyway, one step in the right direction!  I'll be back at the Y on Monday.

Well, really just one cat.  Hannah Cat had to go to the vet for a shot and a check-up today.  I guess she didn't pick up on the "I'm going to put you in your carrier vibes" when I walked in the house this afternoon, so that was much easier than expected.  (She's been known to elude us for as long as 45 minutes when she has a vet appointment, so we always start early.)  But we were scolded at the vet's office because HC has gained three pounds and is up to 15 pounds now.  (Stop laughing MOM!  Emmett is still WAY bigger!)

The problem is, the vet wants her on wet food.  Hannah won't eat wet food.  And on the rare occasion when she does, she tosses it back up on the carpet shortly thereafter.  There is only one kind of dry food she will eat and we measure it carefully.  So her food intake hasn't changed at all in the past year.  Then we were asked if she gets any exercise.  Ummm....with the way she and Screamer chase each other all over the  house several times a day/night, I don't know why she isn't much smaller!  So, how am I supposed to help my female feline friend fight off three pounds?  Suggestions anyone?

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