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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Soundtrack of My Day

It's the second day of summer vacation for this teacher.  I spent most of yesterday running errands and conquering "the list."  It always feels good to conquer "the list," doesn't it?!  Today I've been at home puttering around and getting ready for my first Usborne Books home show!

And re-directing one of the cats.

And it's not Hannah Cat.

It's this guy...

I'm here to tell you...
He's not as innocent as he looks.
Climbing through the blinds, jumping on top of the refrigerator, pouncing on Hannah when she least expects it, trying to eat my lunch, batting at the chains on the cuckoo clock...

It has sounded something like this at my house today...

Screamer, what are you doing NOW?
Screamer, get down.
Get down, Screamer!
Screamer!  NO!
NO, Screamer!
Screamer....I said NO!
SCREAM-ER!  Stop that!
Get down.

Maybe I should just record my voice and leave it on continuous play for the rest of the day.

Except that he just looks at me and meows with either a "Who, me?  What'd I do?"  or a "Oh always spoil all the fun" tone of meow.

It leads me to wonder what happens when we aren't here.  Or is all of this because I AM here?

Guess I'll never really know, will I?

I only put up with him because Gloria loves him so much.  Otherwise...
Well, not really...but a girl can dream, can't she???

I also have realized just how silly a name "Screamer" is for a cat (after saying it 2,963 times this morning, starting at 6:02 A.M.).  Although, he did earn it when he was a kitten.  Makes me wonder what other silly pet names and bad habits are out there.  Care to share?

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Kait said...

I had a completely black cat named Sunshine as a child. After getting married, we got another black cat that my husband named Biff. Once our girls came home we realized Biff wasn't such a kid friendly animal and he moved to my parents house where he lounges in the sun all day and has thus earned the name Beef (for his rather oversized girth).