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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ten Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Friday seems light years away right now.  I love my 2nd graders, but they are runnin' me ragged right now!
  2. I really, really wanted a Coke this afternoon at our staff meeting. Really.  I resisted.
  3. I had a brownie instead.
  4. Maybe it was three brownies.
  5. They were small, bite-sized brownies.
  6. Maybe I'm tired.  Screamer woke me up at 4:15 this morning.  He was playing in the doll house.
  7. I barricaded the doll house, so the two cats decided it was time for an early morning wrestling, growling, hissing match.  In my room.
  8. I have NO idea what to cook for dinner tonight.  Cooking for one is boring.
  9. Just remembered the chicken salad I made last night for tonight.  #8 is now taken care of.  Score!
  10. The theme song from "Bob, the Builder" has been stuck in my head all day long.  A-L-L.....D-A-Y.......  L-O-N-G.....  Sing it with me now...Bob, the builder.  Can he fix it?  Bob, the builder.  Yes, he can!
Hee hee!  Please don't hate me for that last one!  Go ahead.  What song gets stuck in your head and runs incessantly over and over and over and over???

Either that, or some dinner suggestions that don't involve styrofoam boxes, telephones, driving, or the microwave.  Blech.

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