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Saturday, July 30, 2011

In My Hometown

We are happily home from being gone for a week.  Wish I had some pictures to share...Gloria spent four days at the beach with her grandmother and her cousins.  I, on the other hand, spent four days alone with my books and papers and pens so I could work on my thesis some more.  It's never going to end!

One evening, I decided to go get a pizza for dinner from a very specific pizza place.  And while I've noticed it over the years, I guess I noticed it more this time because I was alone...things have really changed down there.  My drive from one town to the next made that oh so obvious.

There were new neighborhoods where there used to be orange groves.
There was a school in what used to be a cow pasture.
The villa...well, it's still the villa with some fresh paint and some fancy brick medians.
Our old pizza hangout?  It's a personal injury law firm now.
And there's a tattoo parlor where a car dealership used to be.
The old movie theater is now a used car lot.
And the ABC now a pawn shop.

I've always been able to get around where I needed to go, and could give directions based on landmarks. (I never learned many road names...just the really big ones!)
But all the landmarks have changed!
I don't think I could get anyone anywhere successfully any more!

Those are just a few things that stand out in my mind as I think about my time down there.  What should I expect though???  I've been gone for 22 years! (How's that for a reality check?!?)

I do love it down there.  It makes me yearn for those simpler days.  I wish Gloria could have that life I had "back then."  There are times I wish I was still living there.  I really like where I am now (most of the time).  It seems so much, I don't know, easier or more relaxed, down there.  I know it's probably not and it's just because when I am down there now it is because I am on vacation.  Here seems so fast paced and busy and frantic at times.  Not necessarily US per se.  Certainly we stay busy and enjoy ourselves.  I'm talking more about, the general feeling, the atmosphere here compared to there.

Guess I'm just missing it a little more tonight now that we are home again.


Martha said...

I miss my hometown too from time to time...and what I really miss is the laid back lifestyle like you are talking about. Life here is very fast paced there's just something about the central time zone and small town's like going back in time...not that I'd want to there. But sometimes I want to go back to the

Marti said...

I feel the same way. I love where we are now, but when I think back, I miss the small, simple town atmosphere that I had when I lived in Mississippi. I think about my friends there and my father, and how I lived there, I would have more time with them. Sometimes, I feel I am missing out on quality time with them living so far away. But, the truth is that if I had the opportunity to move back, I probably wouldn't. I do; however, dream of living in a small college town one day-- somewhere like Auburn, Alabama. LOL. I really miss my college days. Those were great days. I loved Starkville. Dreams are good, right?

Martha, where are you from in Mississippi?

Marti said...

Oh, and one day I want to go to visit the Boykin' hometown. Will talks about it here and there. Will's school reunion was this year, but he didn't want to go. I thought it would have been fun. But I think we both feel it is too difficult for me to travel these days.

Merrill said...

I knew his reunion was this past weekend. Too bad y'all couldn't have gone...we were down there with Mom and Reiny and Ashlyn were there too. I didn't get to see them other than the few minutes I was dropping Gloria off with them at the beach. I know they would like to see you two!

Martha said...

Marti...i am from Brookhaven and graduated from MS. State in '89.