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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's For Dinner?

That was Gloria's first question (after her 25 minute non-stop retelling of her entire day at soccer camp) this afternoon.

So, like all good mommas, I answered her question with a question..."Well, what do you WANT for dinner tonight?"

Her response?
Get ready for this one.
I'm sure it's not typical.
But here it is anyway...

"SPINACH!  But not that frozen square kind.  Can you cook fresh spinach?  I like that so much better.  IT'S SO YUMMY!!!"

She just wanted me to steam some fresh spinach!
So I did--since I still had some in the fridge.
(There was also chicken, rice, and fresh peaches on our plates!)
And she was SO happy!

And I'm so happy she is a healthy eater and makes good choices!

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Kait said...

That sounds really good!