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Saturday, August 27, 2011

First Day of School and Choir School Pictures

Well, the first day of school came and went for both of us.  She doesn't look excited or anything, does she?!?

The only disappointment was that the first day of school was also her P.E. day, so she had to wear her P.E. shirt and gym shorts instead of one of her new favorite outfits.  Didn't seem to phase her, though.  :)

The beginning of school also means the beginning of choir school.  We had to be there for pictures today.  I was able to snap a few quick pictures while they were waiting for the individual head shots to be finished before their group shots.

Can you see where she is missing a tooth in that picture above?  Love that smile!
It's even more obvious in the next picture.  :)

(I finally got one of her in the choir school uniform.  For some reason, I never succeeded in that last year!)

After choir pictures, we joined some friends for lunch...forgot a change of clothes, so she was still in her white uniform shirt...and ordered SPAGHETTI for lunch!  YIKES!  Don't worry, Mom... I'm happy to say that not a drop of red sauce landed anywhere close to that white shirt.  Whew!!

Sunday Snapshot


Martha said...

love her beautiful smile...and that choir uniform is fav. color.

Spudsnsalsa said...

BRAVA!!!! I would have had a white shirt soaking in a tub of bleach if it were one of my girls...

Love the 4th from the bottom picture of her side glance! Just catches the sparkle in her eyes (-; Noticing she has those funky curly wisps around the face like my Julia.

Cedar said...

She has a fabulous smile! It must bring so much joy to you! Lovely daughter!

Jennifer said...

Love the back to school pictures! :) That's a beautiful young lady you've got there. :)

Tina said...

They looks soooo happy :)

Suzy said...

I'm glad she's so happy to return to school. I always loved school, but I never wanted summer to end.

Amy said...

She is beautiful! She makes back to school look fun :)