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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Momma Shoots and Momma Scores!

In spite of the weeping and wailing.  In spite of the protests and complaints.  In spite of the "No, Momma, no!  I don't want to go to Y camp."  In spite of the pleading and begging.

Yep, in spite of all of those things, I enrolled Gloria in a week of day camp for this week.  I wanted the wholesome camp experience for her, the chance to try new activities, meet new friends, and have a little fun during the last week of summer vacation.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I needed childcare for the last two days of this week when I go back to work.  And this was the best option.

Only Gloria wasn't buying into it like I had hoped she would.  And it was all because of one word in the camp description...

Yep.  Archery.  She didn't want to do archery, so she didn't want to go to camp.

But guess what activity she CHOSE first at camp yesterday!

She didn't hit the target, but "I shot ten arrows, Momma!  Ten!"
And she met a friend.
And met another friend who knows her BFF.

And today?  Today she was excited to go back because they are going to drown some worms go fishing.

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