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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Heights

Last night, Screamer gave me quite a fright!

I'm used to him coming in and sitting on the edge of the bathtub, between the shower curtain and the liner, while I am in the shower each night.  He boxes the water drops which I shamelessly torment him with, purely for my own satisfaction.  :)

So last night I'm in the shower.  It's well past 11:00.  The house is quiet and settled.  Alarm is set.  Gloria is soundly sleeping.  Hannah Cat was curled up on my bed.  Screamer was...well, I don't really know where he was.

Suddenly this T-A-L-L shadow moves across my bathroom wall.

Scares me to death!  To death, I tell you!

As I gather up my courage to peer out from behind the shower curtain, this is what I see peering down at me...

(There's a reason I call him my "little black nightmare," ya' know. Just look at him!)

 He moved the shower curtain aside...

And ducked under the rod...

Hmm...not sure what he was checking out.  (Actually, he had both front paws on the little ledge, and I really thought he was going to attempt to walk on it.  But he thought better of that idea after considering it for a brief moment.  However, he wouldn't reenact that this evening.  Silly cat!  He never cooperates when I have the camera out!)

Some perspective on how high up he really is.

And wouldn't you know it...he can't get himself down!  I told him I was leaving him there.  That if he got up there, he could get down.  He didn't agree with that logic.  Actually, I think he tried to walk on the curtain rod, because after he quit crying about being left up there in the dark when I went to bed, I suddenly heard a CRASH, upon which I went in and discovered the shower curtain on the floor.

The good news is that after all of that excitement, he actually slept through the rest of the night.  Which is almost unheard of for Screamer.

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