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Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh, My Aching Ears!

I knew it was coming.

This morning was greeted with great joy and anticipation.

This afternoon, she was skipping merrily to the car with it tucked safely inside her school bag.

Tonight, the homework/practicing began...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Fun

OK, so it was really last Sunday.  I've been taking it slow this week and posting a little bit at a time about our weekend jaunt.

That way you don't have to look at 60+ pictures in one post.
Is that even possible?
I dunno.

Anyway, it's more fun this way.
We can relive our fun.
I have a little more time to think about each post.
And it keeps Mom hanging...
Because I know she really wants to know about this part...

World of Coca-Cola!

So, here it is, Mom.  Enjoy!

We usually use Atlanta as "home base" for our yearly Auburn weekend.
(Hmmm....That makes it sound like we do it every year...This was really just our third time to do it.)

Anyway, I like to find something fun to do on Sunday morning before we head home.
You know, to prolong the mini vacation just a wee bit.
We've been to the aquarium.
Last year we went to American Girl.
This year I decided to try World of Coca-Cola.

It was definitely a great choice!  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who has a few hours while visiting the Atlanta area!

We arrived a little earlier than our designated ticket time, but the park right in front was a lovely place to spend some time.

John Pemberton, creator of Coca-Cola

Gloria took this one of me.

And then a kind passerby offered to take a picture of the two of us.
A picture of both of us???
That's rare!

Entering the "loft"--the entry into WOCC--full of artifacts from Coca-Cola's 100+ years

A possible Christmas card photo?
Love this of the two of us!

There was a display of life-sized Coke bottles from Fashion Week, 2010.
This one was Gloria's favorite.

And my favorite

These next bottles were so interesting to explore.
They were specially decorated for a tour of Coke's "happiness ambassadors" in 2010.
Every one of them was so unique.
And a certain someone was over-the-moon thrilled when she discovered one from Guatemala.
(It's right above her left shoulder--which would be on your right, right?)

A close up shot of the bottle from Guatemala

"Yes, I'll have a Coke, please!"

Bottle Works was the most fascinating part of the entire experience for Gloria.  We watched conveyor belts, robotic arms, computers, and other machinery working together to produce and bottle Coca-Cola.  It really was quite interesting to watch and learn about the process.

Ready to view the 4-D movie.
The movie was fun, and I loved the 3-D effects.
The moving seats...not so much.  Probably the only "dislike" of the day.

Who recognizes this red sofa?
It's from season four of American Idol.
Anxiously awaiting her results...

 At last it was on to "Taste It!"
Here,  you get to try Coke products from around the world.
The drinks are arranged by continent/region.
Gloria's favorite was one called "Manzana Rojo Lift" from Chile.

Some of the drinks were tasty.
Many were fruit-y.
Some were pretty yucky.
Gloria was much more adventurous than me when it came to trying different ones.

Looking back across the tasting area.
Overhead you can see finished bottles of Coca-Cola being carried to their final destination.

Not only could you try products from around the world...
There were many of the Coke flavors from right here at home.
I was perfectly happy to enjoy a nice cold sip of Coca-Cola Classic.
(Anyone remember "New Coke" from the '80s?  It's not there.  For good reason.  It only lasted 79 days!)
Gloria discovered vanilla Coke.
Pinkies up!
Really?  Even when drinking a soda?  
I thought it was "have a Coke and a smile!"

There were lots of smiles as we left World of Coca-Cola last Sunday afternoon.  And I have seen many smiles this week as Gloria has recalled many of the moments from last weekend.  It was a weekend full of memory making.

Sunday Snapshot

Campus Sights and Tailgating

Part Three of "Momma and G Go To Auburn"

I'm sorry if you're tired of reading about our weekend, but I'm doing it in installments so that we have it all documented.  Plus, my mom is enjoying reading about our weekend.  (I think she secretly wishes she had been there with us!)

First glimpse of the stadium

Save the trees!
Among the memorabilia, there were some sweet letters from an elementary school classroom in Michigan.  The teacher's daughter is an Auburn student and she had told them about what happened.

THE trophy.
I'm not sure who was more excited to see it!

Tasting gator meat...


Are you seriously taking ANOTHER picture?!?
All out of gator meat

Someone brought gluten-free cookies and cupcakes?!?

Sitting in Uncle Will's shadow, hoping for tickets to the game.

Wondering if he will manage to get some tickets for Momma and G...

Home of the Auburn Tigers

War Eagle!

We're in!  Whew!
(Momma was getting worried...but Uncle Will worked his magic!)

Proof that Momma was there!  ;)

The view from our seats

Ready for the game to start!

We won!
17-6...Tigers chomped the Gators!
(She was jumping up and down, cheering.  I couldn't get her to be still for victory picture!)

That marks the end of our day at Auburn.  (You've already seen our pictures from Toomer's Corner.)

Next up:  Sunday's visit to the World of Coca-Cola!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toomer's Corner and an Eagle

Part Two of "Momma and G Go to Auburn"

Once we arrived in Auburn and parked the car, the walking began.

William walked us to Tiger Rags.  We got Gloria a new AU jersey to replace her old one.  We couldn't find a #2 jersey (Cam Newton), but she had already decided that she wanted #5 (Michael Dyer) since she wants a Panthers jersey for Christmas.  Oy!  Keeping up with all of that football stuff makes my head swim!  We were successful and headed for Toomer's Drug Store for some of their lemonade.  While William and Gloria were inside getting their drinks I was outside watching the people.  I noticed a van with an eagle painted on the side and heard a nearby news reporter telling his camera man that they were about to get the eagle out.  Eagle?  THE eagle?  Where is Gloria???

Found her!

First glimpse of the eagle.
Can you see his beak in the middle?

Out he came...

The crowd begins to gather

Check out that fierce look...
What a bird!

Gloria just kept repeating "Wow!" and "Cool!" and "He's so big!" and "I can't believe I'm this close to the eagle!"  What a moment that was.

After seeing the eagle, we headed across the street towards the campus.  The first sight was to oak trees that are part of another Auburn tradition.

11:00 in the morning

Same place eleven hours later...

Sadly, those trees probably won't be there the next time we are there due to an unfortunate event involving a fan from a rival school.

Next up...the campus and tailgating...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An Early Morning (AKA Auburn Trip Part One)

We were up an out of our hotel early on Saturday morning.  Uncle Will was taking his role as "tour director" very seriously.  Of course, he comes by it honestly...we learned from the best...our own "tour director extraordinaire" OUR MOM!

Breakfast was a quick pick-up at Chick-fil-a on the road and before too long we were arriving in Opelika.  I threw a kink in the original plan because I needed a new memory card for my camera, so we stopped at a Wally World.

This W-Mart had an entire area devoted to Auburn and Alabama stuff and Gloria discovered this...

It's a pillow!

It's a pet!

And it was love at first sight.

Gloria has expressed interest in a pillow pet for a while, but never found one that she *had* to have until now.  He is pretty cute and he managed to find his way into my bag at checkout.  The first highlight of the day!

Driving from there to Auburn, a loose tooth was discovered.  And once Gloria discovers a loose tooth, that tooth is coming out.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  I begged  her not to, asked her to wait until we were home, even told her the tooth fairy wouldn't be able to find her since we were crossing time zones.

No luck.

As we walked onto campus, she used her tongue to push that molar right out of her mouth onto the sidewalk.

Showing off her new hole on top.

So, a new pillow pet and a lost tooth started our day-long excitement.  But there was also an up-close and personal encounter with one of the Auburn eagles that fly before the games.  But that is for tomorrow... I will say though, that it was really cool to be that close to that majestic creature!