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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Campus Sights and Tailgating

Part Three of "Momma and G Go To Auburn"

I'm sorry if you're tired of reading about our weekend, but I'm doing it in installments so that we have it all documented.  Plus, my mom is enjoying reading about our weekend.  (I think she secretly wishes she had been there with us!)

First glimpse of the stadium

Save the trees!
Among the memorabilia, there were some sweet letters from an elementary school classroom in Michigan.  The teacher's daughter is an Auburn student and she had told them about what happened.

THE trophy.
I'm not sure who was more excited to see it!

Tasting gator meat...


Are you seriously taking ANOTHER picture?!?
All out of gator meat

Someone brought gluten-free cookies and cupcakes?!?

Sitting in Uncle Will's shadow, hoping for tickets to the game.

Wondering if he will manage to get some tickets for Momma and G...

Home of the Auburn Tigers

War Eagle!

We're in!  Whew!
(Momma was getting worried...but Uncle Will worked his magic!)

Proof that Momma was there!  ;)

The view from our seats

Ready for the game to start!

We won!
17-6...Tigers chomped the Gators!
(She was jumping up and down, cheering.  I couldn't get her to be still for victory picture!)

That marks the end of our day at Auburn.  (You've already seen our pictures from Toomer's Corner.)

Next up:  Sunday's visit to the World of Coca-Cola!

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