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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toomer's Corner and an Eagle

Part Two of "Momma and G Go to Auburn"

Once we arrived in Auburn and parked the car, the walking began.

William walked us to Tiger Rags.  We got Gloria a new AU jersey to replace her old one.  We couldn't find a #2 jersey (Cam Newton), but she had already decided that she wanted #5 (Michael Dyer) since she wants a Panthers jersey for Christmas.  Oy!  Keeping up with all of that football stuff makes my head swim!  We were successful and headed for Toomer's Drug Store for some of their lemonade.  While William and Gloria were inside getting their drinks I was outside watching the people.  I noticed a van with an eagle painted on the side and heard a nearby news reporter telling his camera man that they were about to get the eagle out.  Eagle?  THE eagle?  Where is Gloria???

Found her!

First glimpse of the eagle.
Can you see his beak in the middle?

Out he came...

The crowd begins to gather

Check out that fierce look...
What a bird!

Gloria just kept repeating "Wow!" and "Cool!" and "He's so big!" and "I can't believe I'm this close to the eagle!"  What a moment that was.

After seeing the eagle, we headed across the street towards the campus.  The first sight was to oak trees that are part of another Auburn tradition.

11:00 in the morning

Same place eleven hours later...

Sadly, those trees probably won't be there the next time we are there due to an unfortunate event involving a fan from a rival school.

Next up...the campus and tailgating...

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Will said...

Had a great time! War Eagle!