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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Legoland...The Rides

Thanksgiving Day was the perfect day to go to Legoland!  The crowd was fairly light.  When and if we had to stand in line, the lines were short.  I think our longest wait was maybe 15 minutes.  

Gloria was so excited to be there.  She looked like this most of the day...

I'm pretty sure she rode the carousel a dozen times.
Maybe more.
I lost count!
 This carousel is a two story carousel... 
so every time she rode "downstairs," she had to turn around and ride "upstairs."
Sometimes I was allowed to ride.
Other times...not so much.  ;)

Ready for the safari trek!

The jousting tournament

Waiting in line again

The one moment of tears and protests...
I was "making" her ride on the Coastersaurus 
(a roller of two I would actually ride because the other way!)

After riding Coastersaurus!
It was "the best ride ever!" and we had to ride it several more times.

 Boating school
She drove me around the lagoon in the boat.
We only ran into the walls a few times.
Driving in circles....yeah, that was us. 

Look at that concentration!

After driving school, where she earned her license!

Most of the rides at Legoland are geared for the younger crowd.  I think Gloria was the perfect age to enjoy everything without it being to "baby-ish" or too old for her.  She could be independent and ride some of the rides alone while we could enjoy other rides together.

Next up...some of the many Lego creations we encountered throughout the park.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

We went on a little adventure over Thanksgiving.

Not your "traditional" Thanksgiving, to say the least.

But we had so much fun.

Lots to say about it.

Many pictures to post.

But for now...these will have to do...

I promise to share more.

But right now there is a laundry beast to be tamed...not to mention two furry beasts who are demanding attention even though Miss Sarah came to see them twice a day each day that we were gone.

Back to reality...

Or perhaps I shall go read some more Sunday Snapshots...

Sunday Snapshot

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Story Time

What's a girl to do when the football games are over and Momma is busy cooking dinner?

Why, read to your doll, of course!

Gloria decided that it was time to introduce Mary Anne to her current obsession favorite book and characters, so she started reading the first Harry Potter book out loud to her doll.  Look how happy she looks.  (And she didn't realize I was taking her picture because she was so enthralled in her book.)

Love how this one looks like Mary Anne is reading along with Gloria.

There are not enough books in this house to keep Gloria occupied.  She devours almost any book she picks up.  Favorites get read and reread and read over and over, again and again.  I love that she is such an avid reader, even if it does make us late leaving the house some mornings.  Now, she gets up an extra 30 minutes early, just so she can read in the morning.  Now that's dedication!  I like my sleep too much for that.  Of course, I stay up way too late at night reading, so I guess it's all a trade off, right?

Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

...even though the pilgrims and the turkey haven't arrived yet.

I'm not one to jump from Halloween costumes to Christmas decorations.  I like to allow November its rightful place in between October and December.  Once December rolls around, I tend to decorate slowly since Advent is a season of preparation.

That said, the Southern Christmas Show is in town this week and we had some tickets.  I hadn't been in several years.  Since Friday was a day off for both of us, once all the white coat appointments were completed we ventured down to the show.  It was crazy busy since so many people were not working and because it was the second day of the show.  We had lots of fun looking at everything that was being sold and all the decorations, smelling the yummy smells of strudels, sugared almonds, and holiday greenery, and weaving in and out of the crowds.

Gloria loved the decorated Christmas trees and she took control of the camera for several shots...

These first two were especially for Maggie...

I didn't think this one looked like a Christmas tree at all!

There were lots of ornaments on this tree and toys around the bottom of it that reminded me of my childhood.

This one was "Best in Show" but again...not really sure it looks like a Christmas tree.

A few of the wreaths that were also on display...

Elvis was popular this year.
Gloria liked the big red treble clef.

Gloria was fascinated with the electric trains and wanted to examine every inch of the display.  There were probably six or seven trains chugging around the tracks and the little tiny details throughout the display were so interesting.  We discovered this on the way in and the only way I could get her out of there was to promise that we would come back on our way out.

There were little tiny scenes inside of all of the buildings.

Singing along with whatever Christmas song was playing at the moment

We did make a few small purchases--some yummy hot chocolate mix and some special soup mixes (one of which Screamer tore into as soon as we got home...guess he could smell it.  Fortunately I caught him in the act and salvaged the mix.  Wanna' guess what we had for dinner tonight?  And he was after it again tonight when I was cooking it!).  Gloria found a little necklace she liked and I found some lotion that felt good on my horrible dry skin.  It was fun and we ended up spending about five hours there!  Not what I had planned, and boy was I tired when we got home!

But Gloria kept telling me over and over and over as we were leaving, on the way home, while we were eating dinner, when I put her to bed, and when she got up again this morning how much she enjoyed going to the Christmas was fabulous and terrific and fun and fantastic and...I don't remember all the words she was using.  It was clear that she enjoyed our time together.

Sunday Snapshot

The Many Shirts of Saturday

We started the day with the final soccer game of the season.
It was a beautiful day for a game.
Clear blue sky, 55 degrees
And they won, which made it even better.

Then we came home to cheer Vandy on to victory over Kentucky.

The celebratory dance/cheer ended like this...

Then, like Superman stepping into the phone booth...
shirts were changed again in order to be appropriately dressed for the Auburn game.

Unfortunately, at the time of this blog post, her boys in orange and blue aren't doing so well.  While we remain hopeful that things will turn around...I dunno....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Enough White Lab Coats!

In less than 24 hours, all four inhabitants of our house (two human and two feline) had doctor appointments.


No one is sick...
although we might be now that we have been in multiple medical facilities!

Just a follow-up for Gloria from a summer appointment, lab work and a long overdue (by about 7 years) physical for me, shots for Screamer, and Hannah got a pedicure her claws clipped.

Hannah's appointment was probably my highest priority today!
I have the remnants of the puncture wounds in my thighs to prove the necessity of her visit with the vet techs who did the deed!

But, I certainly have seen enough white lab coats for one day!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Questions

One was asked of me.

The other I am asking you.

First, the one that was asked of me...

"Momma?  Do you think the cats were playing with my pumpkin?  It's got hair in it."

Ummm...I doubt the cats were playing with the pumpkin.  Instead, I believe that would be a sign that the pumpkin needs to be disposed of.

And now...Momma's not happy.  Can you tell?  (Oops...that's not my question for you!)

Some of you read about the bullying on the playground several weeks ago.  In some ways, things have improved.  But there are still some inappropriate words and actions going on and Gloria is very discouraged by all of it.  I discussed it with her teacher at conference time last week.  Thursday night, Gloria informed me that she had been talking with her teacher during recess and that she (the teacher) had helped her (Gloria) figure something out.  Naturally I asked what that was.

Are you ready for this?  Hold on to your socks, because I know I thought mine had been knocked off on Thursday night.

The other girls are bullying me because I'm too soft and I need to harden up.

I maintained my composure in front of my eight year old, but I really wanted to blow a gasket over this one.  So my question to you would you handle this?  I'm so at a loss here.

And after you offer your advice, you can go visit some happier Sunday snapshots by clicking below.  :)

Sunday Snapshot

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Pictures, A Few Days Later

October 31st was a busy day around here.

It started out with pumpkin carving with dads in Gloria's class.  Now, you all know there is not a dad in our family.  But there is a pretty awesome Godfather.  How awesome?  How about he came all the way from Alabama just to do this with her!  And he came back at lunch time too, with lunch from Wendy's, before heading back home!  Gloria was absolutely giddy with excitement by the time Monday morning rolled around.  She giggled the whole way to school, with her pumpkin clutched on her lap.  They carved a super fancy pumpkin.  Far fancier than anything I could have done.  I tend to stick to the triangle eyes and nose and the lopsided smile.

After a long day at school for both of us, it was off to our friends' house.  We've been trick-or-treating together for six years now.  Gloria and "Harry" are just a few weeks apart in age.  Wish I had a picture from the "early years" to show you.  Gosh they've grown up!  And so has their trick-or-treat route!  I was worn out when we got home!

Gloria was Professor McGonagall, from Harry Pott*er.

"Are you seriously taking my picture AGAIN?!?"

My response?  You better smile or THAT will be the picture I email your grandmother!"

The results...

After trick-or-treating, sorting her candy.

And how much of this will Mommy eat???