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Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

...even though the pilgrims and the turkey haven't arrived yet.

I'm not one to jump from Halloween costumes to Christmas decorations.  I like to allow November its rightful place in between October and December.  Once December rolls around, I tend to decorate slowly since Advent is a season of preparation.

That said, the Southern Christmas Show is in town this week and we had some tickets.  I hadn't been in several years.  Since Friday was a day off for both of us, once all the white coat appointments were completed we ventured down to the show.  It was crazy busy since so many people were not working and because it was the second day of the show.  We had lots of fun looking at everything that was being sold and all the decorations, smelling the yummy smells of strudels, sugared almonds, and holiday greenery, and weaving in and out of the crowds.

Gloria loved the decorated Christmas trees and she took control of the camera for several shots...

These first two were especially for Maggie...

I didn't think this one looked like a Christmas tree at all!

There were lots of ornaments on this tree and toys around the bottom of it that reminded me of my childhood.

This one was "Best in Show" but again...not really sure it looks like a Christmas tree.

A few of the wreaths that were also on display...

Elvis was popular this year.
Gloria liked the big red treble clef.

Gloria was fascinated with the electric trains and wanted to examine every inch of the display.  There were probably six or seven trains chugging around the tracks and the little tiny details throughout the display were so interesting.  We discovered this on the way in and the only way I could get her out of there was to promise that we would come back on our way out.

There were little tiny scenes inside of all of the buildings.

Singing along with whatever Christmas song was playing at the moment

We did make a few small purchases--some yummy hot chocolate mix and some special soup mixes (one of which Screamer tore into as soon as we got home...guess he could smell it.  Fortunately I caught him in the act and salvaged the mix.  Wanna' guess what we had for dinner tonight?  And he was after it again tonight when I was cooking it!).  Gloria found a little necklace she liked and I found some lotion that felt good on my horrible dry skin.  It was fun and we ended up spending about five hours there!  Not what I had planned, and boy was I tired when we got home!

But Gloria kept telling me over and over and over as we were leaving, on the way home, while we were eating dinner, when I put her to bed, and when she got up again this morning how much she enjoyed going to the Christmas was fabulous and terrific and fun and fantastic and...I don't remember all the words she was using.  It was clear that she enjoyed our time together.

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No Greater Love said...

How fun!! You two really have such a wonderful time making special memories together.

Martha said...

I saw Mrs. Beasley under one of those trees...but I got mine in the '70's.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

So I do jump straight from Halloween to Christmas. I had the Christmas music going November 1st.

I'm glad you had a wonderful time at the Christmas show! And I love the pictures of Gloria. :)

Kait said...

That looks like so much fun. Gloria is such a beautiful girl!

KERRY said...

That's so great that Gloria enjoyed her day out with you so much! And I love those little miniture trains and towns all decorated for Christmas, so much to take in!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful day you had. Those are the best! and warm soup for could you go wrong.

Soooo, do you like in South Carolina? I do :) maybe we are neighbors.

Also, thanks so much the comment you left on my blog. It amazes me to think how many of us have been effected by Lung Cancer. I am so sorry for your family. I know that even though it's been 11 years since your grandfather died it still hurt like it was yesterday.

Eva said...

Aw, it sounds like Gloria had such a wonderful time at the Christmas show. Great memories, for sure, for the both of you.

Annie said...

WOW! That looks like such fun but I agree, I like giving November it's due!!