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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Youth Art Exhibit

Gloria had a piece of art work selected to represent her school in a youth art month exhibit for local independent schools.  The reception was this afternoon.

We found her ballerina, in the style of Degas.

 Up close...
(and I may or may not have tried to imitate the dancer in the parking lot on the way back to the car afterwards...)

 With her art teacher after the certificates were presented

Still all smiles for the camera after receiving her certificate

LOL!  She just walked by and said "Oh my goodness!  That's the same thing I wore for the science fair! Now everyone will think I only have one outfit!"  Silly girl!

This is another one of those things that makes it hard for me to change her school next year.  Science fair, art exhibit, the interest her music teacher has taken in many good reasons to stay put.  But so many reasons to leave too.  Why does school choice have to be so hard?

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Martha @ Berrybliz said...

That's a precious ballerina.

MarthaB. said...

Love it...she is so talented!!!

Eva said...

What a great piece!

Jodi said...

Beautiful, talented artist! visiting from Sunday Snapshot