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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Kissing Frogs

You know the saying "You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince."

I've decided that the same is true when it comes to house hunting.

Every house we've walked through has its own umm...shall we say...unique qualities.
Yes...unique.  Let's go with that.
And in some cases...that's not such a good thing.

House Hunting, Day One
House #1: too dark and too closed off. No flow to it at all. So not us.  Nope.  No thank you.  But it helped us find our realtor, so Yay for house #1!  :)

House Hunting, Day Two
House #2: Most memorable because of the crazy yard art! (And possible pet cemetery?) So great, if a little quirky.  And the wallpaper in every room?  We could have lived with it though, gradually taking it down and painting. The teeny master bathroom and closet were questionable, but we could have made it work. All in all, we kind of liked it. Oh heck, we really liked it.  And then we checked the state registry and discovered that not one, but two registered offenders live two doors down. Mark that one off the list.  I was really quite sad about that and had to pout for a day or two.

House Hunting, Day Three
House #3: Really big. Seriously...really, really big.  L-O-N-G is the best way to describe it.  Way too dark though.  I need, need, need lots of natural light and this house simply doesn't get it.  It faces the wrong directions and sits under a large canopy of trees.

House #4: Nice flow to it. Lots of light. Cute treehouse in the backyard--G would have spent lots and lots of time out there reading, I'm sure. But the left side of the house sloped, downstairs and upstairs. And the master bathroom??? It was the size of a matchbox!

House #5: So cute on the outside...but what a disappointment!  I can't even tell you! Of course, this was one child's favorite so far. Sigh...

House Hunting, Day Four
House #6: This one I discovered while searching nearby areas.  Quirky, but cute. It could work. But it needs some work. Surely there is something better?

House #7:  So much potential, but SO much work to be done due to water damage and mold on the ceilings both upstairs and down.  Another disappointment.

House #8: YUCK. Smell. Layout. Everything. Just yuck. I felt the need to wash my hands after leaving that one.

House #9:  Whoops. Don't even get to see it. Already had multiple offers. No sense seeing that one since we can't do anything until we sell my townhouse. So...moving on.

Starting to feel discouraged and defeated...

House #10: This one is so great!  Nice light. Nice floor plan. Nice space. New carpet, paint, flooring.  Kitchen is nice--just needs a new dishwasher. Lovely backyard backing up to the greenway. We could see ourselves living here. Whew!  Our faith in the house hunt has been restored.  It's at the top of our list for the moment.  Actually, at this's the ONLY house on our list.

House #11:  Too small. And not much we liked about it. Easy to cross off.

House #12: Huge!!  But to me, just "eh" and no real appeal.

House Hunting, Day Five
House #13:  Too many problems. It's a foreclosure and has been empty for a long time. Some work has been done, but not what truly needs to be done. And the four letter word etched into the concrete on the back patio... So sad that someone feels the need to do that kind of thing.

House #14:  Quickly crossed off.  Even looking beyond the turquoise walls and bright pink trim in the master bedroom that the owner is willing to repaint if the buyer desires...

House #15: Oh. My. Goodness!!!  Why haven't we seen this one until now???  Ah ha...because the price recently dropped, bringing it into our price range.  That's why.  It's so nice. The kitchen is light and airy. Almost beachy feeling. Large bedrooms. I'm talking LARGE!  Master bedroom downstairs. Girls upstairs. That could be nice. Formal living room and dining room as well as space for a table in the kitchen.  Den.  Nice deck.  There's even a humidor.  A humidor???  Can we take out those little shelves and restore that space to its coat closet origins?  Backyard is not my favorite. But I might lose out on that. A second YES on our YES list.  And one of the three girls says this one is her favorite.  I'm pretty sure it is Brian's favorite right now, too.

House #16: Looks like a mountain cabin on the outside. Open and flowing inside. We really like it, but it just wouldn't work for us because it is just too small. Not the bedrooms...those were great.  But there is no true dining room/eating area other than the bar at the kitchen counter. There is a great "hideaway" in one of the upstairs bedrooms, which two of the girls thought was really cool.  This is number three on our short list.

At this point, we returned to House #10 for a second look and to look specifically at some things.  I'm still really liking this house...a LOT.  It did smell of cigarette smoke a little bit this time.  That was a bit of a disappointment.  It falls to #2 on Brian's list.  I'm torn.

House #17:  A "raised ranch" and quickly crossed off of our list.

Last night, we compared data from the two elementary, middle, and high schools that are "home schools" for the three houses on our list.  Houses 10 and 16 are in the same attendance zone.  Looking at the data, the schools for house 15 are hands down the better choice.  HANDS DOWN.  So now we are thinking that the price difference is well worth it when it comes to school choice for Miss G...

So here we are...
We've "kissed" 17 "frogs" and found three possible "princes."

Now...if we could find a buyer for this place...It all hinges on that.

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