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Friday, January 23, 2015

Traveling...Our Family Style

Back in September, we traded in my four year old Camry with 93,000 miles on it for a brand new Sienna "mommy van" that I have affectionately nicknamed "The Beast."

Mind you, there was nothing wrong with my Camry, and I really liked that car.

But we have three girls who have a funny habit of GROWING as they get older. So three in the back seat did not always make for optimal traveling conditions.

And...there are times that the dog goes too.  Ever ridden for 400 miles with twenty pounds of dog riding on your lap?  I have. I have filed that under the "not really fun" category. (Sorry, Cookie!)

Here we are tonight, traveling towards Atlanta...two girls are in the way back, alternating between giggling and plugging in to their electronic devices. (The oldest stayed behind this weekend to spend time with a friend who is about to move away.) The dog is curled up in her bed, which is on the floor between the front and middle seats. Brian is driving. And I have a seat all to myself.


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