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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016...Here We Go!

They say whatever you spend your day doing on New Year's Day is an indication of how your year will go...

Last year, that held true...we started 2015 off with a 5.5k run at the stroke of midnight.
And little did we know that 2015 had a marathon in store for us!
So we spent a LOT of time running...
I totaled 642.3 miles for the year.
That's a lot of miles.
That's three pairs of running shoes.
That's a lot of water bottles filled and refilled.
That's a lot of sweat.
That's a lot of miles.
And in October, The Husband and I completed our first marathon...
Marine Corps Washington, DC.

So last night found us right back at the starting line of the same 5.5k, ready to ring in the New Year with a run through the Christmas lights at Tanglewood Park.

And since New Year's Day 2016 found us running, spending time together, and smiling...that's the plan for the year...hopefully lots of smiling and lots of family time together.

Definitely lots of running.  Lots and lots of running.

As I looked at the miles of 2015, I noticed that January, February, and March along with November and December were very low mileage months, yet I STILL managed to cover those 642.3 miles.  So what else was there to do but to set a goal that would keep me moving through the winter months at the beginning of the year and stay motivated at year's end?!?

Introducing my great big hairy audacious scary running goal for 2016...

1,000 miles in 2016

And in good fashion...The Husband has committed to the same goal.

That breaks down to approximately 83.3 miles each month.
Approximately 20ish miles each week.
Approximately 2.73 miles each day. (Thank you, Leap Year, for the extra day!  Otherwise that would be approximately 2.74 miles each day!  Haha!)

That's a LOT of miles!

But we are committed to the goal.

Stay tuned.

Because my other goal is to seriously return to the blog-o-sphere.

Can't wait!