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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Goals Met...At Least for This Week

I've been quiet for a few weeks, trying to process all the hard stuff going on in the world around us.

Running has been my escape from it all.
And even that has been hard.

Mileage is beginning to creep upwards as I move farther into this training cycle.
Temperatures are soaring upwards as we move farther into this summer.
My body has been perfectly happy with a few short runs each week in the pleasantness of spring temperatures.
And now I'm telling it we have to run 6, 7, 9 the 90*+ temperatures.

I've made stupid mistakes,
like not hydrating well,
not taking my water with me,
not taking my fuel with me,
not sticking to my intervals that I KNOW work for me,
pausing for too long for a break.

All of those have dogged me for the past few weeks.

Thursdays have dogged me too, for one reason or another.
All Most A few of those were mostly legitimate.
The last time I ran on a Thursday was May 19th.
Prior to that, it was April 7th.
Thank you to my running journal for sharing that little tidbit with me.

So this week, I had two goals:
Goal 1 was to conquer Thursday.  It is, after all, the "speed work" day in my training plan.  It's important.
Goal 2 was to get the hydrating/fueling/interval thing all back on track.

I accomplished goal 1 on Thursday.
Can I tell you how excited I was that Thursday did NOT take me down this week?
Even with a babysitting job and a runner safety presentation also on the calendar, I got that run in.
I was just a little excited about that!

But I missed Goal 2 on all of my runs this week...
until today!
Today I had 9 miles on the schedule.
It almost got derailed by ants in the kitchen!
But Brian sent me out on my own, while he stayed home playing Ant Man
(with me making him promise he would go out later).
So off I my favorite greenway.
I stuck to my hydrating/fueling/interval routine that I KNOW works for me.
And I finished those 9 miles strong and feeling good.

And now...Brian is out on a bike ride and run...
because he is straying from our beaten path of running onto a new path into the world of triathlons.

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