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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adventures in Church-going

Gloria has always gone to church with me. I just believe that children should be in church. It's not always easy, especially when they are toddlers. Even now, I never truly know what I will get! 90% of the time, she's great: she participates in the prayers, attempts to sing the hymns and read the psalm, and is pleasant and good-natured. But...that leaves that 10%. Today falls in that 10%.

Usually, on our way to church I question her about how she will behave in church on that particular day. She has her answers down quiet, listen, sing the songs, say the prayers...Today, I didn't engage in those questions because we were playing a math facts game. My first mistake!

The second mistake came when I offered to share my hymnal with her. Now I know she likes her own, so why I made that mistake I just don't know. (And I made the same mistake with the prayer book later on! Some day I'll learn!!!) She quickly got snarl-y and pout-y. So, I offered her the hymnal to herself which she refused. And she continued to pout and make these little whiny puppy sounds. When she got over that, we were reading the psalm. She couldn't find it in the bulletin, never mind that it was where it always is! Here goes more pouting. I'm just trying my best to ignore it.

During the sermon, she was writing in her bulletin. That's fine. That's what she does every week. I was hoping this was the calm after the storm. I was wrong. Nothing was going to make her happy today. We even left church at the announcements for a 5 minute time out in the restroom. Somehow we made it through the rest of the service. I only got kicked once, but I don't think it was intentional so I chose to ignore it. I was very glad to leave her in atrium (Sunday school) today.

Later on, while she was in her atrium and I was having Starbucks with friends I pulled her bulletin out of my purse to see what she had been working on during the sermon. Here's what I found:

  1. Wat do pepl no not to do drim hit ply (What do people know not to do? dream, hit, play) "hit" was checked.
  2. This day is spashl chrismis estr or valintins day (This day is special Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day). Christmas was checked.
  3. Love is...............................nat moning or ol day and nat (Love is...night, morning, or all day and night.) "All day and night" was checked.
Then she had written a list of "ansrs" (answers)
  1. hit
  2. chismis (Christmas)
  3. ol day and nat (all day and night) Gloria loves Mommy.
Guess I need to forgive her, huh? And remember my "how do you behave in church" questions next week!

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Carmi said...

Oh that is too funny Merrill!