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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kitchen Capers

Gloria has taken quite an interest in cooking lately. It's fun to have her in the kitchen with me and she's learning about the measuring cups and spoons and how adding one ingredient can really change the looks of what you are making. She loves to smell all of the different spices and has decided that she really loves the smell of ground cloves.

This afternoon we were making chili for tonight's dinner. I opened all of the cans and she was going to drain and rinse the beans. I got her started with the first can and then proceeded with chopping an onion. The next thing I know, Gloria is panicking, confused about what has happened. I turned around to see pink liquid running off the counter, down the front of the cabinet and dishwasher, and onto the floor and the floor mat. She had set the strainer down on the counter instead of in the sink and then poured the beans into it. Oops! We called it a "life lesson," cleaned up the mess (with a little help from Hannah Cat who loved the little bit that she licked off of the floor), and resumed the chili preparation. It's now simmering on the stove and will be perfect for dinner in a while.


Martha Boykin said...

I am so glad you give her the opportunity to make mistakes. We learn best from the mistakes we make- or at least I do. She will also learn to give herself grace when she does make one. I am still attempting to develop that skill in myself. Good job, Mom.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Post another entry soon.- Martha

Merrill said...

You got it! There should be one tomorrow :)