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Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Well, I got brave today and put up the Christmas tree. I knew Gloria really wanted us to do that. But I was hesitant because of Hurricane Hannah, the resident disaster on four legs. So good. She sniffed it a few times and when she looked ready to mess with it...a squirt of "Bad Cat Spray" took care of it. She has chewed on a piece of the garland and batted at the lights that are wrapped on the banister. But, again, "Bad Cat Spray" to the rescue. The true test won't be tonight because she curls up on my bed for the night as soon as I go to bed. Rather, it will take place tomorrow when we go to church. Will I come home to find the tree on the floor? Only time will tell...

Gloria had such fun decorating the tree. We were able to take our time and talk about many of the ornaments that we have. Some were mine from years ago. She loves the silver snowflakes. Some have been Christmas gifts in recent years or have meaning for us as a family. Some are preschool made with a picture or a tiny hand print. Fun times. Good memories.


Anonymous said...

The "bad cat spray"- is it water? We used to spray Callie when she got up on furniture she wasn't suppose to. We pretty much broke her of it.-Martha

Carmi said...

We had a very, very bad cat once. We had to lock her up each day that our tree was up or it would be turned over every day when we came home from work.