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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Uses for a Cardboard Tube

Random? Absolutely!

Background: Tonight while cleaning up the dinner dishes I used the last paper towel. In replacing the empty tube with a new roll of paper towels I handed the empty one to Gloria and asked her to put it in with the rest of the recycling. "No. I think I want to play with it," she replied. I asked her how many ways she could use that cardboard tube. Lots of ideas and lots of giggles ensued. Here are a few:
  • A microphone
  • A megaphone (to cheer for the Tigers or the 'Dores)
  • A drumstick (two would be better, and the step stool makes a great drum, as does the wall or the floor, but NOT the cat's back!)
  • An airplane
  • A telescope
  • A pair of binoculars if you cut it into two shorter pieces
  • A "head bopper" ;)
  • A baton
  • A cat treat hider (We've done that before...great entertainment at Hannah's expense)
  • A tower
  • A whole bunch could make a city
My brother used to like the long ones from wrapping paper because they were great light sabers a la Luke Skywalker! I've used them to make rain sticks during a weather unit with second graders. Surely there are more uses? Ideas, anyone?


brenna said...

a totem pole

Anonymous said...

I assume it was Carter who used the cardboard as a light saber? Funny you should write about this. At work I keep a stock of cardboard tubes from paper towels. I started saving them a year ago for the learning center. (A teacher's mind)

Also, you could make a rain stick by placing short toothpicks through it, filling it with beans, closing both ends and taping the outside to hold the toothpicks in.- Martha

jillynoel said...

Noel just had two "tube" school projects - a spaceship and a really nice candle just yesterday!

Love you guys


Merrill said... wasn't Carter who used them as light sabers. It guessed it! William! Don't tell him I told you though!

Anonymous said...

That is too funny! I would love to hear more about William growing up. I keep telling him he needs to take me to his hometown where he grew up, but we haven't made it yet.