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Saturday, January 3, 2009

She read the last chapter!

I know lots of us experience the urge to read the last chapter of the book first in order to find out how it ends. Some of us resist that urge better than others. Evidently, Gloria is one of those who cannot resist that urge. This morning, the need to know won out over just reading the book from beginning to end.

She is enjoying the Josefina books from American Girl. Last night we started reading the fourth book, "Happy Birthday, Josefina!" We read chapter one together; she read some and I read some. This morning, the little book worm got up before me. She always reads to herself for a little while before crawling in my bed and waking me up. Her book of choice today: "Happy Birthday, Josefina!" Not chapter two, though. Nope. She skipped right to chapter four, the last chapter, and read it to herself. "I just had to know what was going to happen!" she explained. She is, however, refusing to disclose the ending to me. I have to wait until we get to it.

Here's my little book worm dressed to match her new doll, Josefina.

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