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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cat Claws and Sunday Bulletins

Cat Claws
For Christmas, Hannah Cat got a Pedi*Paws. It's basically a big motorized nail file that serves as an alternative to clippers for use on a cat's claws. To say she disliked it is putting it mildly. We tried it again this afternoon. It was that or take her to the vet for a $15 "pedicure." I would prefer to put that $15 to some other use besides getting a pedicure for our cat! It took both Gloria and me to get the deed done. After three failed attempts in the living room, we lured her to the dining room table with some treats that she loves. (Maybe now she will associate the table with bad things happening and stay off of it???) I covered her with a blanket, practically laid on top of her while holding her by the scruff of the neck with one hand, and got one paw with the other hand. Gloria held the device and we went to work. She was growling at first but then just gave in. Not that she was happy or relaxed. She certainly was not! And she bolted at the first moment's opportunity. Currently she is under Glo's bed...probably plotting her revenge! But the front claws are not little fish hooks anymore. :)

Church Bulletins
I cleaned out three weeks worth of church bulletins from my purse today. Gloria usually draws or writes in them during the sermon each week. Here is what a found...
  • Two weeks ago: She had taken the time to draw lines like you see on primary-aged handwriting paper. Then she wrote: "My mom and I like to woch (watch) my cat Hannah Cat woch the birds." There is a picture of HC looking at birds through the back window.
  • Last week: Under the announcement for the pancake supper this Tuesday she wrote "No thank you. I can't eat your pancakes. They are not gluten free." Then in another spot she wrote "I'd like to come in ples (please) I am homless (homeless)." I don't know if she noticed the homeless gentleman sleeping on the ground in a corner on the side of the church as we were walking across the street from the parking garage or not. I really don't know where that came from.
  • Today: After writing a sentence and circling all of her sight words, she drew pictures of angels.
I know she is listening while drawing and writing because she will ask me a question or make a comment about the sermons. The day she told me the sermon was "too short" I laughed out loud. How many children want longer sermons in church? Evidently she wasn't finished writing the story she was working on. Actually, I'm not sure I've ever heard an adult complain that a sermon was too short!


Anonymous said...

My doctor has placed me on a gluten-free diet for a while to see if it helps me with my stomach problem. Kroger carries Mi-Del ginger cookies that are labeled gluten-free. I like them. Try them.-Martha

Merrill said...

We've been doing the gluten-free thing for over a year now. Email or call me...I'll tell you some of our likes and dislikes!

Anonymous said...

Merrill, I love your blog!

Martha Ann