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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Reliving My Childhood

Gloria and I have been reading the "Little House" series for a while now. We've read the first two, and are currently reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek." (We skipped "Farmer Boy" for now...) My little book worm has really enjoyed these books. While she was sick, I got a DVD that three episodes from different points in time from the TV series. I think we watched it five or six times over three days! So, I found the boxed sets on line and ordered season one. We have been watching one pretty much every afternoon and she is just loving them and I am reliving my childhood. Who remembers Monday nights and the Ingalls family? I know I didn't watch the early years when they were new because the show came on at 8:00 and that was bedtime at our house! But finally I was allowed to watch it. And I LOVED it. Now, Gloria LOVES it. The other day I was informed, very seriously, "Momma, I'm not Ariel any more. Now I'm Laura. But if I say 'Ma,' I don't mean you because I'm pretending I'm at Laura's house." Nellie and Mrs. Olsen drive her nuts, Mr. Olsen is nice and Mr. Edwards is funny and a bad cook (remember...he cooked rattle snake stew for dinner when Pa and Ma left him with the girls while they went on their second honeymoon!). We've laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the DVD's. Guess I'll have to spring for season two before too long!


brenna said...

I loved the Little House series, too.

Anonymous said...

I could sit and watch Little House for hours. Great show!- Martha

Carmi said...

I still have these books and have been thinking about re-reading them again for myself. Eliana is not yet into books that she can not read herself, although, she did read the first page of the first book in the Chronicles of Narnia series yesterday.