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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our "Exciting" Saturday Afternoon

How's this for an exciting Saturday outing...we bought a new vacuum cleaner. Woo hoo! What fun!

My old one was really old, and had finally had it. It smelled like burning rubber when I used it. It also made a horrible noise, clunking and banging. Before Easter, I went so far as to take it apart, which revealed a broken part that held the brush in place. Hence the noise. The smell...who knows. I declared it officially dead. So today we headed out to find a new one. Who knew there would be so many choices!?! Not me, that's for sure. But we chose one and it seems to do the trick.

One feature this model has is a red and green light. Red for when the carpet is still dirty and green for when it is clean. Gloria enjoyed watching and yelling "That part's clean now, Momma! You can move." Great...just what I need. A backseat vacuum-er! :)

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Friends said...

Too funny! I need one of those. And yes, that is exciting. I often wonder if my vacuum is actually doing the trick or just making noise.